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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 November 2005, 16:08 GMT
BBC News media to your desktop
BBC News video via RSS
Do you want to have the best of BBC News television and radio delivered directly to you?

Now you can. For the first time, BBC News video and audio is available via RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

From dramatic footage on breaking news stories to exclusive interviews - be one of the first to watch and listen.

You can select your media from a list of categories, which are updated 24 hours a day by a team of journalists.

The video and radio news reports are filed by the BBC's top correspondents in the UK and around the world as they are broadcast.

Each item has a brief summary and the duration is displayed - so you will know if you have time to watch it on-the-spot.

Easy to use

RSS feeds are an increasingly popular way to customise content - it means you can keep up to date with the information you want without having to visit multiple sites.

We have made accessing video and audio via RSS as easy as possible. The first thing you need in order to subscribe is something called a news reader.

Different news readers work on different operating systems, so you will need to take this into account when you make your choice.

You can find out more about how to set up RSS feeds here.

To get started, click on any of the RSS links on the BBC News website - or go directly to the BBC News Player. and click on the RSS button found at the bottom of each index.

BBC News Player available via RSS

If you click on the button you can subscribe to the feed in various ways, including by dragging the URL of the RSS feed into your news reader or by cutting and pasting the same URL into a new feed in your news reader.

If you have never used AV RSS or News Player before, you will get this screen.

Media selector

This is called the BBC Media Selector. It tells you how we think your computer is set-up. If you are happy, click yes. If you are unsure, simply click on the test my connection speed button and Media Selector will double check for you.

You only have to do this once - and then whenever you play BBC News media, we will provide you with the best possible quality for your computer.

BBC News Player

Once you have watched the video or audio item you have the option to launch the BBC News Player. Here, you can watch the latest BBC TV news bulletins, a three-minute headlines round-up from BBC News 24, or follow live events when available.

BBC News Player

You can also use News Player to reach other BBC media players:

The BBC Sport Player - including live action, results and sports news on demand

The BBC Weather Player - including local, national and international forecasts

The BBC Radio Player - listen to live radio or listen again for seven days after broadcast

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