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Last Updated: Saturday, 29 October 2005, 20:06 GMT 21:06 UK
UK adds to quake airlift effort
Survivors wait for a doctor in Bagh
The UN has warned it will run out of money unless donors give more
Britain is to give 3.5m to the UN and Nato to help with the airlift of relief supplies to earthquake-hit Pakistan.

The money will come from the 33m aid package already pledged by the UK government, said International Development Secretary Hilary Benn.

"The success of the emergency operation in Pakistan depends on reaching survivors in remote areas within the next 30 days," he said.

More than 55,000 people died in the 8 October earthquake.

On Friday UN officials warned some of the helicopters flying aid to the earthquake victims could be grounded in a week by a cash crisis.


The air aid and other relief measures would have to be scaled back unless donors sent about $250m (140m) immediately, they said.

The UN Flash Appeal will receive 1.5m of UK money to ensure helicopters continue delivering blankets and tents, while Nato will get 2m to help transfer winterised tents and blankets from UN warehouses in Europe and the Middle East.

Mr Benn had earlier warned of a second wave of deaths if more help fails to reach the devastated region quickly enough.

Last week three RAF Chinook helicopters left the UK to distribute UN aid to Pakistan-administered Kashmir, to which the Department for International Development contributed 3m.


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