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Financier in Triad machete attack
Hong Kong skyline
Mr Ford suffered serious injuries in the attack
A British banker in Hong Kong who had two fingers cut off by Triad gangsters was the victim of mistaken identity, his brother has said.

Ben Ford, 32, suffered horrific injuries when he was set upon by four Chinese men armed with machetes as he left a bar last week.

His brother John said Mr Ford was mistaken for an Australian man who had earlier been thrown out of the bar.

He is now recovering in hospital, where doctors sewed his fingers back on.

My brother came out at the wrong time and it was assumed that he was involved with this
John Ford

Mr Ford, who has lived in Hong Kong for seven years and works in financial services, also suffered a cut on his left calf "right down to the muscle" and the same on his right thigh.

The attackers also sliced off the cheek of his left buttock, cut his upper right arm and his left elbow.

"They left him there bleeding to death," said John.

Triad punishment

He said the Australian man - who was with an older Chinese girlfriend - had been thrown out of the bar after becoming abusive.

"It appears these gangsters were called in as a result of that scuffle. It had nothing to do with Ben and he was unaware of it," he said.

"It was just unlucky. My brother came out at the wrong time and it was assumed that he was involved with this."

He said two men belonging to the British Army walked past, gave Ben first aid and called for an ambulance.

John Ford, who has lived in Asia for 15 years, added: "The surgeons at the hospital said the blades used had human excrement on them and apparently this is the Triad standard punishment or retribution."

Ben's mother Judy flew out to Hong Kong on Saturday from the family home in Constantine, Falmouth.

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