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Quiz on the origins of Easter
We all know about the eggs, bunnies, bank holidays and church services - but how much do we really know about the Christian tradition of Easter? Here are 10 questions to test anyone's knowledge.

Question 1
What are the origins of the word ‘Easter’?
A: Aramaic
B: Anglo-Saxon
C: Hebrew
Question 2
What event does Maundy Thursday commemorate?
A: The Last Supper
B: The birth of Jesus
C: Jesus’ return to Jerusalem
Question 3
Who was Jesus betrayed by?
A: King Herod
B: Judas Iscariot
C: Mary Magdalen
Question 4
What does Good Friday mark?
A: The resurrection of Jesus
B: The Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel appeared before Mary to announce she would conceive a son to be called Jesus
C: The crucifixion of Jesus
Question 5
Jesus was crucified on a hill known as Golgotha. But what does the name mean?
A: "The place of the skull"
B: “The high mountain”
C: “The place of the olive trees”
Question 6
In which city is Jesus said to have been buried?
A: Bethlehem
B: Jerusalem
C: Nazareth
Question 7
Why did eggs become significant at Easter?
A: They represent fertility and new beginnings at spring time
B: In spring 1215, King John decreed a "national egg day " whereby royal eggs and hens were given to the poor
C: They are a symbol of the immaculate conception
Question 8
What do Christians celebrate on Easter Sunday?
A: The day Jesus Christ died on the cross
B: The ascension to heaven of Christ
C: The resurrection of Jesus Christ
Question 9
Why do we have the Easter bunny?
A: Rabbits were revered by early Christians as holy animals
B: Rabbits were a pagan fertility symbol
C: Rabbits lived in the Garden of Gethsemane
Question 10
How many days does Lent last for?
A: 40
B: 30
C: 14

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