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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 October 2005, 04:40 GMT 05:40 UK
Terror plans get scathing reviews
Mastheads of the national newspapers
Thursday's papers are filled with the battle against terrorism and crime.

The Independent is scathing of the new Terrorism Bill, saying our freedoms are being threatened not by terrorists, but by an arrogant prime minister.

The Daily Mail echoes that view, saying No10 should abandon its wrong-headed sense of superiority and listen.

All of the papers comment on the shocking murder of Danielle Beccan - summed up by the Daily Telegraph headline: "Robbed of life for nothing".

Greatest living Briton?

Lady Thatcher still manages to polarise opinions of the papers as she prepares to celebrate her 80th birthday.

Andrew Roberts writing in the Daily Express says in an age of political pygmies, Lady Thatcher was a giant.

The Mail's Simon Heffer goes one step further, saying she is without question the greatest living Briton.

Kevin Maguire of the Daily Mirror does not agree. She preached harmony, he says, yet fractured Britain into an unfairer, more divided, unjust country.

Frozen bodies

A chilling way of disposing of the dead has excited some of the papers.

Both the Mail and the Times report that a Cheshire borough council may "freeze" bodies in liquid nitrogen until they are so brittle they simply crumble.

The Express is more concerned with a new list of do's and dont's of survival for the modern woman.

Apparently the key points are: keeping your ipod turned down when on a train, ignoring your mobile while shopping, and airkissing while wearing lipstick.

'Warped monsters'

Some papers are asking the question: Just who should be in our jail cells?

According to the Times, the government may release thousands of prisoners early to ease prison overcrowding.

Meanwhile, the Sun is launching a campaign to fill the empty cells with those who are responsible for sadistic crimes against animals.

The paper publishes shocking pictures in an attempt to provoke a backlash against the "warped monsters" behind such cruelty.

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