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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 March, 2005, 07:50 GMT
Women 'unhappy with lot in life'
Jennifer Lopez, David Beckham and Beyonce
Celebrities make young women feel ordinary, the survey suggested
Almost 70% of young women are unhappy with their lot in life when compared to the glamorous lives of celebrities, a survey has suggested.

Of 1,500 women respondents, only 30% felt they were living the life they thought they would be, with 63% hoping they could change their circumstances.

More than 60% thought their life was ordinary, the New Woman survey said.

If they had a choice, most would opt to live the Beckhams' lifestyle, followed by Madonna's and Catherine Zeta Jones'.

High life

The survey indicated that 82% of women in Scotland felt dissatisfied with their life when they looked at celebrities, 72% in the north east, 70% in the north west, 68% in the south and south west.

In London and the south east 67% were dissatisfied, in Yorkshire 65%, in Wales 63% and East Anglia 58%.

New Women editor Margi Conklin said: "Young women today are bombarded with pictures of celebrities (supposedly) living the high life and they try to do the same."

The women were struggling with their finances as 58% said they spent more than they earned and 63% admitted to credit card debts.

Traditional home life

When it came to home life, most of the women, with an average age of 29, wanted a traditional domestic set-up.

Only 11% said they would put their child into nursery care while they went off to work full-time.

Almost a quarter planned to be a full-time mother.

Only 1% of those questioned said their career would be their top priority once they had children.

Body image

Seven out of 10 of the women said they did not want to work as hard as their mother's generation, while six out of 10 said female "do-it-all role models" were unhelpful and irritating.

Many also believed a man should be the main provider for his family if possible.

Of those questioned 89% were not happy with their bodies.

About three-quarters wanted to be slimmer even when they were normal weight, and 72% said they worried about their size and shape every day.

New mums want celebrity figures
13 Jul 04 |  Health

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