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Last Updated: Friday, 18 March, 2005, 16:47 GMT
Charles and Camilla stamps shown
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
The 68p stamp image was taken at the Queen's Balmoral estate
The Royal Mail has unveiled two stamps showing Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles to mark their wedding.

The 30p first class stamp shows an image of the couple laughing and looking relaxed, viewed side-on.

A more formal pose is in evidence on the 68p stamp, the most common price for posting a letter abroad.

Both will go on sale on 8 April, the day of the wedding at the Guildhall in Windsor, and one day after the first class price goes from 28p to 30p.

The wedding is on course to go ahead after Registrar General Len Cook dismissed 11 legal objections from members of the public on Tuesday.

The prince and his partner chose the photographs, which were approved by the Queen.

There were also commemorative stamps issued to mark the prince's first marriage to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.

The stamps show Charles and Camilla in a relaxed mood

Royal Mail head of special stamps Julietta Edgar said: "A royal wedding is always a very special occasion and for decades Royal Mail has marked these important events with commemorative stamps."

The photograph for the 30p stamp was taken at the Mey Games in Scotland last year while the other was taken at the Queen's Balmoral estate in Scotland. Both will be on sale for a month.

The last Royal commemorative stamps were issued to mark Prince William's 21st birthday in 2003.

Commemorative stamps to mark the Queen's coronation in 1953 and a set to mark death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997, are among the most popular ever issued.

What do you think of the commemorative stamps issued to mark the wedding of Charles and Camilla?

Terrible. They're trying to get us used to the idea over time that one day Camilla might be queen or at least be treated as such. We must never let that happen. I like and feel sorry for Charles and believe he should be allowed to marry and be happy with Camilla, but he must never be king out of principle and he should say now that he won't be king - only then will I approve of these stamps.
Sue, Cambridge

Why not? They are happy and in love - how many of the rest of us could say that? It's nice to have a bit of happiness in the news - and those people who are in high dudgeons about it, don't you have anything happier or better to worry about?
Liz, London

I simply feel that the need for these types of stamps is an insult. It is ludicrous to imply the nation wants to see these two on a stamp when were forced to endure their farce of a marriage? Give me a break please...
Susanna Mianotti, Dorset, UK

Like other details of the wedding, these stamps appear rushed and improvised.
Andrew, London

Well why not? And for all those miserable people out there have you ever really cared about what's on your stamp anyway? And if it really bothers you than buy a pack of six and stick with the delights of the Queen's head!
Karen, Birmingham

I find the "relaxed" pictures awful. It should have been more formal and now just what appears to be a candid photo. I wish them well, but Camilla will never replace Diana in the hearts of the people.
M. Jones, McDonald USA

Let's put moral, legal and public opinion issues aside, they are happy, the stamps will represent standing up for love come whatever may. At least they are true to themselves.
Srinivasjasti, Sheffield

Why not? It's a royal wedding after all, even if it's a low key one. All kinds of things get stamps these days, last year we had them commemorating ocean liners, gardens and woodland animals (two parts) why not a wedding?
Carino Risagallo, Uxbridge UK

With all due respect to Prince Charles and the Royal Family, I think that this wedding does not deserve a commemorative stamp to mark the occasion because of many reasons, one being that fact that she is not from a royal family, is a divorcee and does not fit the bill. We've had enough of her.
Grace, Coventry, UK

Just Great! Let's hope they have many more laughs together.
Richard Bennett, Cowbridge, Wales

I am disgusted that the Royal Mail are producing these stamps. Camilla Parker Bowles will never be considered a member of the Royal family, by my family, and I shall be ensuring that I do not use any of these products.
Clare Barwick, Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex, England

I think it is an absolutely fantastic idea, it is a royal wedding like any other and deserves such recognition.
Alex van Lier, Hull, United Kingdom

I read that the stamps were personally approved by the Queen. As Her Majesty's actions until now all seem to have had the aim of minimising or ridiculing the forthcoming marriage, can we also assume that she herself was responsible for airbrushing the happy couple's suits shown on the 68p stamp that truly ghastly bilious shade of green? Also, the contrast between Her Majesty's ever-youthful silhouette and the increasingly ageing and craggy features of Charles and Camilla seems subtly to point to the very real prospect of her outliving her son and thereby neatly avoiding any constitutional problems around 'King Charles and Queen Camilla'.
Richard, Leiden, The Netherlands

Best wishes to Charles and Camilla. Well done Royal Mail on the choice of photos.
Colin Dobson, Barry, Wales

I have been a great supporter of the monarchy but do not support this wedding at all. On the one hand we are told it is to be "low key" and on the other we now have a set of stamps to "celebrate" this occasion. I find it most offensive to the British public, many of whom loved and admired Diana, to have these two people roaring with laughter on a set of stamps. I shall be asking for ordinary stamps at the post office and NOT these.
Nick Beech, Peterborough

"A royal wedding is always a very special occasion..." What nonsense; as always with royalty the coverage is an insult to the intelligence of the population. Privatise the Royal Mail now!
Ben, London UK

These stamps seem appropriate for the sort of the wedding the couple have chosen, because they are natural-looking and low-key. Even if it's not going to be 1981 again, I think it's right that the state commemorate this wedding in some way, and the stamps are the ideal gesture.
N E Smith, UK

I hope there will be other stamps to buy at the post office because I certainly do not want to buy stamps of Charles and Camilla. Funny how the media is now trying to bring public round to accepting the marriage.
Sandy, West Sussex

I think the stamps are surprisingly nice. They both look really relaxed and happy. Good luck to them.
Chris, London

Releasing these stamps is just another way to make the public 'agree' with the wedding. The marriage doesn't bother me in the slightest. Let them get on with it. It's nice to have a monarchy with all the interesting history behind it, but when it really comes down to it, we should be more interested in the government and what they are doing. After all, the government run the country.
Lee, Surrey

More of a farce than "a special occasion" If only this was an end to the matter and we as a nation didn't have to be subjected to any more of this truly boring pair.
Patrick Goubel, London

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