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Attenborough mourns tsunami dead
Lord Attenborough
Lord Attenborough could not finish a poem to his family
Film director Lord Attenborough has broken down in tears as he paid tribute to three members of his family killed in the Asian tsunami.

His 14-year-old granddaughter Lucy Holland, his daughter and her mother-in-law, both called Jane Holland, died in Phuket, Thailand.

The 81-year-old read the poem She Is Gone but broke down in tears before he could finish it.

The service in London's Southwark Cathedral was attended by 500 people.

I cannot begin to conceive of my parents' feelings at the loss of two generations
Michael Attenborough

Lucy's brother Sam, who survived the tsunami, read a eulogy for his sister.

"There are neither words nor ways to describe the incalculable loss of my darling sister Lucy, who was snatched from us without warning," he said.

"In the weeks since Boxing Day, I have struggled to find light in the world.

"It is Lucy herself who is the light that guides me through this new world I now find myself in.

"A piece of me has died with Lucy but a piece of Lucy lives on in me."

'Shared tragedy'

Lord Attenborough's son Michael said: "My mother and father have been utterly devastated by the loss of their daughter and granddaughter.

"It is surely outside the normal order of things for parents to experience the death of a child.

"I cannot begin to conceive of my parents' feelings at the loss of two generations."

Lucy's sister Alice, 17, is still recovering from severe leg injuries, while her brother Sam survived unscathed.

Canon Andrew Nunn, who led the service, said the Attenborough's grief had become a symbol for those affected by the tsunami.

"Members of your family have names and faces known to many. Your tragedy became one shared by many in this country.

"Your pain became the pain of many," he said.

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