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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 October 2005, 06:06 GMT 07:06 UK
Barker tributes dominate papers
Mastheads of the national newspapers
Affectionate tributes to Ronnie Barker dominate several of Wednesday's front pages, and few can resist the headline: "Goodnight From Him".

The Sun features the comedian's famous sign-off, above an image of a pair of glasses abandoned in the spotlight.

The Daily Express describes him as a shy man who retired at his peak.

The Guardian says he not only had a gut instinct for belly laughs, but was also the most accomplished comic actor of his generation.

Young pup

The papers take a sideways glance at the Tory leadership contest, likening the hopefuls to wild animals.

The Daily Telegraph compares "young gazelle" David Cameron with "big beast" Ken Clarke, crashing through the undergrowth at the party conference.

Both candidates gave impressive speeches, the Daily Mirror says, but "Ken Kong" trampled over the young pup.

The Times says the favourite David Davis is under pressure after Tuesday's speeches.

Happiness poll

Two pieces of research feature in the papers, one suggesting Britons are happy, another saying swearing is good.

According to the Daily Mail, scientists in Atlanta say swearing and cursing is a natural way of letting off steam, and could stop you resorting to violence.

The Times highlights research claiming Britons are the fifth happiest people in the world.

Teenagers in south-west England were the happiest, while thirty-somethings in Wales were the least cheerful.

Racial harmony

The papers re-visit the scene of some of the most serious riots ever witnessed in the UK.

The Broadwater Farm estate was a community without hope after PC Keith Blakelock was killed during riots in October 1985, the Independent says.

Twenty years later, the north London estate has become a beacon for racial harmony with low crime rates.

The paper says new green spaces, play areas and concierge services in the housing blocks have improved the area.

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