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Last Updated: Sunday, 2 October 2005, 00:28 GMT 01:28 UK
New 7 July bomber image released
Hasib Hussain
Hasib Hussain was captured on CCTV in King's Cross station
A new CCTV picture of one of the 7 July London bombers has been released in the hope it will shed more light on the attacker's movements.

Hasib Hussain, who bombed the No 30 bus, killing 13 people, is shown leaving Boots in King's Cross station at 0900 BST on the day of the attack.

Police have been attempting to track the 18-year-old's movements before he detonated his device at 0947 BST.

Those who still have information are urged to call the Anti-Terror Hotline.

Police already know Hussain walked around the King's Cross area after arriving on train from Luton, and believe he walked towards Euston station. It is believe he may have boarded a different bus, before getting on the No 30.

'No mastermind'

Assistant Commissioner Specialist Operations, Andy Hayman, said: "We are always looking for evidential opportunities. We cannot discount anything.

We are always looking for evidential opportunities. We cannot discount anything.
Andy Hayman
Assistant Commissioner Specialist Operations

"We would ask the public to think if this photograph triggers off anything they may remember. Were they in that area? Do they recognise themselves by clothing in that picture? Does the photograph prompt any other recollection?"

Previously it emerged that Hussain rang his fellow suicide attackers before his device went off.

Terrorism expert Michael Clarke, of King's College, said the calls showed Hussain was in a panic and probably rang his accomplices to make sure their bombs had exploded.

Police are encouraging anyone with further information to call the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.


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