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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 February, 2005, 18:55 GMT
'We'll tell you about snow'
As snowfall causes difficult driving conditions and hundreds of schools to close in the UK, people around the world look on with astonishment saying heavy snowfall and extreme temperatures do not alter their lifestyles.


A path through the snow in Skelleftea during typical snowfall in 2004
I live in Skelleftea, just south of the Arctic Circle. Two nights ago the temperature was
-21.8C and the windchill was

Currently the official snow depth measurement is 46cms, most of which fell over last weekend. This is not unusual!

What is unusual is that we haven't had anything lower than -22! I've experienced -34 in 2003 and -37 last year (a bit farther north). Weather now is -3.

Public transport here runs like clockwork and I have never been late to work due to a bus being late or cancelled. The roads are generally clear and the footpaths are always taken care of. It's great!


Canada in winter is snow, snow and more snow, and freezing temperatures.

Yesterday my husband and I shovelled five driveways and sidewalks for our older neighbours after 10ins of snow fell, it is really hard work and every winter a few people die shovelling.

On top of that tonight it is -18C, so the house will be creaking in the cold. Definitely snuggle-up time!

I can understand the chaos caused in England as they are not equipped to deal with the snow. Just remember when it rains a lot - you don't have to shovel it!

I have to say I find it unbelievable how a country can come to a standstill due to a bit of snow.

In Munich we've had between 8 and 16 inches of snow consistently for the last four weeks and not one school has closed, not a single train been delayed or late and no mass panic or news headlines.

Why can the UK not cope with it, it's not as though this is the first time you've seen snow!


Esa with son Rowan in the snow

Shovelling snow, driving on icy roads and temperatures well below freezing are common place for many months here in Sweden, but it does not stop us getting to work, close schools or cancel trains.

This year has been exceptional - warm days and freezing nights for two months - hence about 4cms of ice all over the roads all day - looks very much like water.

Now we have the snow again but driving is no problem even with about 8cms of ice and snow below.

However, would rather have the dry cold here and snow than wet damp stuff that you will have in the UK.

Sometimes I am just a little embarrassed to be English. It is winter after all and it gets cold and snows - just maybe not as often as it used to.

Snow storm, Arctic conditions? Why is the country coming to a standstill?

A typical February storm in Chicago comprises of 30cm of snow and daytime high temperatures of -20C.

Feel lucky, current conditions in England would be a joy right now!

Snow storms and Arctic weather!..I don't think so. Come and see and experience the real thing.

Today the weather outside is pretty bad. My hair turned to icicles in a matter of minutes and the wind is blowing very cold.

It turns dark very early at this time of year here, we have only recently had the sun back during the day.

I have lived in the Arctic for nearly six years now and know the difference. No one closes schools here. But enjoy anyway.

Snow gives schools legal dilemma
24 Feb 05 |  Education


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