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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 February, 2005, 07:44 GMT
Hunting ban scrutinised in papers
The end of legal hunting in England and Wales comes under scrutiny in a number of Thursday's newspapers.

The Daily Telegraph reports the failure of the Countryside Alliance to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs.

And the Independent's front page carries the image of a pack of hounds at the "kill" of a fox - its headline: "The thrill of the chase is over."

The Times estimates that 150 of Britain's hunts will be out for the last day of hunting.

Hostile questioning

The Daily Mail reports on Tony Blair's television appearances on Channel Five.

The paper highlights the fact that Mr Blair faced hostile questioning from voters on health, immigration, top-up fees, Iraq and crime.

But the Daily Mirror, which also reported on the prime minister's appearance, took a different stance.

It said Mr Blair's admission that the government had failed to stamp out yob culture suggested he might be listening to the public.

'Mini marvel'

News that Iran and Syria - both under pressure from the United States - want to form a common front to face threats is the Guardian's lead story.

The paper says the move will heighten tension across the Middle East.

And news that BMW is to invest 100m at its factory in Oxford that produces the Mini is warmly received.

The Daily Express carries the headline: "Our Mini Marvel", while the Daily Star charts the history of the car, as does the Telegraph.

Gallant losers?

The Mail has been following the International Olympic Committee during its visit to scrutinise London's bid to stage the 2012 Games.

It says there is no room for our national habit of always ending up as gallant losers as the Olympics will carry benefits for the entire country.

And the Sun reports on a street entertainer who was arrested in York for impersonating a Formula One car.

The paper reports that police thought the man was causing an obstruction.

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