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Timeline: British troops in Iraq
An Iraqi judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of two British soldiers who were freed from custody by UK troops in Basra. The BBC News website looks at some of the incidents involving UK troops in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

19 September 2005: Three soldiers are injured - none seriously - as their armoured vehicles are attacked with firebombs and rockets by a violent crowd during a rescue operation to free two British soldiers arrested in Basra. Iraqi police claimed pair - reported to be undercover SAS officers - had opened fire on them after refusing to stop at a checkpoint.

11 September 2005: Major Matthew Bacon is killed in an attack in Basra when a roadside bomb strikes his armoured vehicle.

5 September 2005: Fusilier Donal Anthony Meade and Fusilier Stephen Robert Manning, are killed by a roadside bomb while travelling in a convoy about five miles east of Shaibah airbase, in Basra province.

21 August 2005: A soldier is wounded by a roadside bomb in the Tariq district of Basra.

6 August 2005: A roadside bomb injures a soldier in the Gzeiza area of Basra.

16 July 2005: Second Lieutenant Richard Shearer; Private Leon Spicer, and Private Phillip Hewett, from the 1st Battalion, Staffordshire Regiment die in a roadside bomb blast while on patrol in Amarah, north of Basra.

29 May 2005: Lance Corporal Alan Brackenbury of the King's Royal Hussars in A Squadron is killed in an explosion in Amarah, north of Basra, caused by a roadside bomb.

2 May 2005: Guardsman Anthony Wakefield from the 12th Mechanised Brigade dies a day after his armoured car patrol is hit by a roadside bomb in Amarah.

20 January 2005: A suspected suicide car bombing injures nine soldiers and several Iraqis at the Shaibah logistic base, south of Basra.

19 November 2004: Black Watch troops come under rocket attack at Camp Dogwood, 20 miles (32km) south of Baghdad. The regiment took over the base from US forces in October.

17 November 2004: A suicide car bomber detonates a device at a checkpoint manned by six Queen's Dragoon Guards at Camp Dogwood.

8 November 2004: Sniper Pte Pita Tukatukawaqa of the Black Watch, dies when a roadside bomb hits his Warrior armoured vehicle near Camp Dogwood.

8 November 2004: Two UK bomb disposal experts are injured after their vehicle is rammed near Camp Dogwood.

4 November 2004: Three Black Watch troops - Sgt Stuart Gray; Private Paul Lowe, and Private Scott McArdle are killed by a suicide bomber near Camp Dogwood.

31 October-3 November 2004: Black Watch troops come under mortar attack at Camp Dogwood.

28 September 2004: Cpl Marc Taylor, from the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, and Gunner David Lawrence, of the Royal Artillery, die after a military convoy is ambushed south west of Basra.

17 August 2004: Lance Corporal Paul Thomas of The Light Infantry is killed in an exchange of fire with insurgents in Basra.

12 August 2004: Black Watch Private Marc Ferns dies after an improvised bomb attack in Basra.

9 August 2004: Private Lee O'Callaghan, from the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment, is killed during an attack by insurgents in Basra.

28 June 2004: Fusilier Gordon Campbell Gentle of the 1st Battalion Royal Highland Fusiliers dies and two other soldiers are injured in an improvised explosive device attack on a UK military convoy in Basra.

15 May 2004: Troops come under attack in fighting with militants loyal to Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr near Basra.

14 May 2004: Fierce fighting after two ambushes on patrols in Amarah on 14 May leave at least 20 Iraqis dead and two British soldiers hurt.

9 May 2004: Three soldiers are injured in a grenade attack in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.

8 May 2004: Hundreds of Iraqi militiamen loyal to radical Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr clash with troops in Basra. Two Iraqis are killed and three coalition soldiers injured in the violence.

1 May 2004: Six British soldiers are injured after a foot patrol comes under fire in Amarah. The attack sparks a seven-and-a-half hour gun battle with insurgents in the city centre.

22 April 2004: Five British soldiers are among the injured in bombings outside police stations in Basra. All are members of the 1st Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers.

17 April 2004: Two British soldiers serving with the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment suffer gunshot injuries during fighting in the town of Al Almarah.

9 November 2003: Troops come under attack near a hospital in the centre of Basra.

31 October 2003: Ian Plank, a Royal Marines NCO, is killed by hostile fire during an operation.

13 October 2003: Four British soldiers receive minor injuries in two separate explosions in Basra.

8 October 2003: A suspected mortar hits the main British military headquarters in Basra.

27 August 2003: Fusilier Russell Beeston, a Territorial Army soldier in 52nd Lowland Regiment, is shot dead on patrol after being confronted by "angry Iraqis" in Ali al-Sharqi, about 200 kilometres (120 miles) north-west of Basra.

23 August 2003: Three soldiers from the Royal Military Police - Major Matthew Titchener, Co Sergeant Major Colin Wall and Corporal Dewi Pritchard - are killed in an ambush in central Basra.

14 August 2003: Captain David Jones, of Queen's Lancashire Regiment, is killed during a bomb attack on a military ambulance in Basra.

9 August 2003: Troops come under attack by protesters in Basra rioting over fuel and electricity shortages.

6 July 2003: A soldier is shot and wounded in a sniper attack on the outskirts of Basra.

24 June 2004: Six Royal Military Police soldiers are gunned down at a civilian police station in Al Majar al-Kabir, near Basra. They were Sergeant Simon Alexander Hamilton-Jewell, Corporal Russell Aston, Corporal Paul Graham Long, Corporal Simon Miller, Lance Corporal Benjamin John McGowan Hyde, and Lance Corporal Thomas Richard Keys. A further eight are wounded after coming under attack in a separate incident.

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