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Last Updated: Monday, 14 February, 2005, 07:09 GMT
Papers analyse Iraqi elections
The politics of the Middle East will never be the same again - democracy is an idea whose time has come for the Arab world.

So says the Daily Telegraph, which like many of the papers welcomes the results of Iraq's elections.

The Guardian hails what it calls a "landmark victory" for Iraq's long-oppressed Shia majority.

But it notes the shift in power has generated "palpable nervousness" in the Sunni-ruled states of the region.

Strained marriage

The Sun interprets Tony Blair's speech in Gateshead as an appeal to "fall in love" with him again.

Mr Blair's comparison of his relationship with the voters to a strained marriage, is also picked up by the Daily Mirror.

It says Mr Blair was a "Love Actually" leader - the Hugh Grant of politics - when he beat the Conservatives in 1997.

Now he's had to admit that the British public is no longer so enamoured with him and his government.

Dresden schism

A "Dark Day for Dresden" is the Express headline, over reports of German far-right protesters hijacking the 60th anniversary of the Allied bombing.

The protests at the day of remembrance was the biggest display of neo-Nazi strength since the war, the Times said.

It describes how left-wing teenagers tried to provoke far-right activists into open street fighting, by shouting: "Bomber Harris - Do It Again!".

The Independent also highlights the ideological schism over the bombing.

Gondolier strike

It's Valentine's Day - but there's scant encouragement for lovers.

The Guardian reports that all 400 gondoliers in Venice have gone on strike - just as the city filled up with couples on a Valentine's break.

Other papers are equally downbeat. "Why I Hate Valentine's, By Michael Winner," is the offering in the Daily Mail.

The newspaper continues its coverage of the big day for romance by examining why February is a peak time for relationships to break up.

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