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Historic chapel's Royal blessing
St George's Chapel
Ten monarchs are interred at the Windsor chapel
When Charles and Camilla marry, the civil ceremony will be followed by a blessing at St George's Chapel - the scene of many a historic occasion.

Situated in the Lower Ward of Windsor Castle, the 15th century Gothic chapel houses the remains of 10 monarchs.

In 2002 the Queen Mother was interred in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, next to her husband George VI.

The remains of Henry VIII and the beheaded Charles I are also among the sovereigns buried there.

Births, marriages, deaths

Five of the monarchs are buried in two vaults beneath the choir - the rest in tombs in the chapel.

The funeral of Princess Margaret was held at the chapel and more recently the funerals of Princess Alice and Princess Alexandra's husband Sir Angus Ogilivy.

And St George's Chapel was also where Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys-Jones in June 1999.

Tomb of George VI and the Queen Mother
The chapel is the final resting place of the Queen Mother and George VI

Another Royal wedding at the Windsor place of worship was that of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales - whose mistress was famously Camilla Parker Bowles' great grandmother - to Princess Alexandra of Denmark in March 1863.

The then Prince of Wales, who later became Edward VII, was christened there.

His mother, Queen Victoria's funeral in 1901 also took place in the chapel.

Construction of St George's Chapel was begun in 1475 by Edward IV, but it was not completed until 1528 under Henry VIII.

Since then it has been a place of worship for the sovereign and the Royal Family and, like Westminster Abbey, it is known as a Royal Peculiar (a private possession of the sovereign), with the Dean of Windsor responsible only to the monarch.

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