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Charles and Camilla - family ties
Graphic showing the two family trees of Charles and Camilla and links between the two families (also described in the text below)

When the families of the Prince of Wales and his new fiancee, Camilla Parker Bowles, meet for get-togethers, there is little need for introductions.

The couple knew each other before either married for the first time.

And in fact, Camilla's great-grandmother was mistress to Charles' great-great-grandfather.

But even their extended families can claim places in each other's affections.

  • In early-20th century England, King Edward VII's last love was one Alice Keppel, the married maternal great-grandmother of Camilla (who was later reportedly to say to Charles: "My great-grandmother was your great-great-grandfather's mistress, so how about it?").

  • Three-quarters of a century later, Charles enjoyed a friendship with keen horseman and polo player Andrew Parker Bowles.

  • Andrew's father, Derek Parker Bowles, had been a close friend of the Queen Mother - Charles' grandmother. She became Andrew's godmother.

  • Andrew Parker Bowles once dated Charles' sister, Princess Anne, while Charles and Camilla were an item.

  • A generation later, Camilla and Andrew's own son, Tom, had a royal godparent, too - none other than Charles, the man who is about to become his mother's husband.

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