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Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 February, 2005, 09:31 GMT
Army pilot rap over pizza flight
A Lynx helicopter
The Lynx was on a low-level flight
A lieutenant has been disciplined after using an Army helicopter to deliver a pizza to his girlfriend.

The incident on 25 January saw the unnamed officer divert from a routine training flight over Stanford, Norfolk, to take the fast food.

The Ministry of Defence refused to name the officer, from 659 Squadron, or divulge how he was punished.

A spokesman said: "The chain of command doesn't condone these sorts of actions. The individuals have been disciplined."

He added: "During a routine low-level training sortie, somebody decided it would be an opportunity to use it for a delivery."

The extra cost caused by the diversion is not known.

The pizza was understood to have been delivered to a female officer cadet at an Army range at Thetford, Norfolk.

The Ministry of Defence spokesman did not confirm what toppings were on the pizza.

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