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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 September 2005, 05:03 GMT 06:03 UK
Ashes triumph lauded by papers
Tuesday's papers are dominated by England's amazing triumph in cricket's Ashes series with Australia.

"Britain awakens a proud nation today", says the Daily Express, while the Daily Mail simply says "They're ours!".

For the Daily Mirror, it "wasn't only a magnificent, historic victory - it was a triumph for sport". The paper salutes Australia "in defeat".

The Sun agrees that a "truly sporting atmosphere" has prevailed "both on the pitch and in the crowd".

Pietersen praise

The Guardian ruminates on the impact of South African-born Kevin Pietersen.

The newspaper can hardly believe a man "sporting 50,000 diamond ear studs and apparently wearing a dead skunk beneath his helmet" enabled England to win.

With the drama followed by millions across the country, the Financial Times tells how it saw the City go "on hold".

It reports that the overall volume of shares traded on the London stock markets was down from the usual three billion to 2.4.

Pumps pain

The paper's also make much of the panic-buying of fuel ahead of planned protests by activists angry at the price of petrol and high duty.

The Daily Express urges the "iron chancellor to bend on fuel prices to ease pain at pumps".

The Daily Telegraph blames "enthusiastic local radio DJs" for the "jittery behaviour of motorists".

Mr Brown is urged to do his duty by the Daily Star and cut fuel tax using his price-driven windfall.

Stabbing horror

Several papers reflect on the "horror" of the scene in woods in Wokingham in Berkshire where a 16-year-old boy and his friend were found murdered.

To the Daily Mail, it has "provided further proof that Britain's knife culture is out of control".

"The murders have stunned neighbours in the affluent commuter-belt community", the Times says.

The Daily Mirror picks up on the messages left in text message language by friends.

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