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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 February, 2005, 23:34 GMT
Popping the Question Time on TV
Sonia and Alan

A man asked his girlfriend to marry him on Thursday - on BBC One current affairs programme Question Time.

In a show used to putting politicians on the spot, audience member Alan Jordan used the last question of the programme to propose to partner Sonia.

Once she had got over her shock, she replied: "Yes, please."

Mr Jordan submitted the question in the normal way in what presenter David Dimbleby said was a first in the show's 25-year history.


Mr Dimbleby admitted he would not usually allow the question but the programme makers liked to indulge their audience where possible.

Suitor Mr Jordan said: "This one is not for the panel, I'm afraid. It's for the lady on my right. Sonia, would you marry me?"

Alan was relatively confident but he wasn't certain - fortunately she said yes
Question Time editor Nick Pisani

The question prompted surprised laughter and applause from the studio audience in Derby before the woman sealed her response with a kiss.

Editor Nick Pisani told the BBC News website it was "a wonderful moment".

"Alan was relatively confident but he wasn't certain - fortunately she said yes.

"You could tell that Sonia was completely shocked and then absolutely delighted, as were the panel and the audience.

"It was the first time this has happened on Question Time and it was quite apt with Valentine's Day approaching."

The couple were presented with champagne by Mr Dimbleby.

They were also congratulated by the panel of Cabinet minister Margaret Beckett, Tory shadow minister Andrew Lansley, Liberal Democrat frontbencher David Laws, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens and newspaper columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

The long-running political debate show has indirectly played a part in one previous engagement. An enterprising would-be bridegroom from Hull last year proposed to his girlfriend via the programme's interactive service - available by pressing the red button or on Ceefax page 155 - and she accepted.


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