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Last Updated: Sunday, 11 September 2005, 04:06 GMT 05:06 UK
Charles urges society to go slow
Prince Charles
The special edition of the programme was filmed in Caithness
Prince Charles has urged people to slow down and allow themselves more time for reflection, in an interview for the BBC's Songs of Praise programme.

He told the programme: "The aim seems to be to go ever faster but I often wonder, how much faster can we all go?"

The prince said modern life had got out of balance, and needed to return to the rhythms of nature.

He also revealed he used to sing to seals as a child with his grandmother near her Highland home.

He recalled memories of visiting Castle of Mey in Caithness and described how he, the Queen Mother and his sister Princess Anne would sing Over the Sea to Skye to the animals from the cliff tops.

I think it's terribly important for any human being to have a time for silence
Prince Charles

"One of the things that is so special to me is the connection with my grandmother," he said.

He told presenter Sally Magnusson that for years they would travel up the west coast in Britannia and end up in Scrabster.

"We came here for lunch and always used to go for a potter on the beach, " he said.

"And my grandmother, I've never forgotten, when we were small my sister and I, she used to take us down, stand on the cliff there and we'd sing to the seals.


"It was absolutely riveting, we'd sing 'Over the Sea to Skye' and it was very interesting, these heads would bob up and they'd start coming closer."

The special edition of the programme was filmed in Caithness and the interview held in the Castle of Mey, the late Queen Mother's beloved home.

He reflected on the sanctuary Caithness offered in a frenetic world.

"I just think we need to remember we are a part of nature and not apart from it, which I think has been one of the great problems of the twentieth century, " he said.

"I think it's terribly important for any human being to have a time for silence, and for things to slow down just a bit. It's a balance, it seems to me, we have to try and find."

The Prince of Wales also spoke about a new initiative he launched recently to promote the North Highlands' produce and tourism.

The programme was screened on Sunday 11 September on BBC One.

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