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Last Updated: Friday, 9 September 2005, 19:26 GMT 20:26 UK
Alam loses FA sex case tribunal
Faria Alam
Ms Alam was accused of lying in the tribunal
Former Football Association secretary Faria Alam, who had an affair with England manager Sven Goran-Eriksson, has lost her case at a tribunal.

Ms Alam - who also had an affair with FA chief Mark Palios - had claims of sexual harassment, unfair dismissal and breach of contract rejected.

The former PA to executive director David Davies had denied quitting to sell her story to tabloid newspapers.

She said Mr Davies had made suggestive comments and behaved inappropriately.

I told Faria she had no chance but she wanted to go ahead
Max Clifford

He vehemently denied this and the FA's lawyers were able to obtain statements attesting to his character from former employees Kim Fisher and Sarah Ford who Ms Alam said had complained about him.

The lawyers also highlighted an interview printed in a national newspaper in which she said Mr Davies had been a good boss.

The former model, 39, who resigned from her job in August 2004, told the tribunal in June that she had kept a record in a notebook of occasions when she had been the victim of "sexual harassment".

The tribunal also heard that Miss Alam fired off frequent messages from her work e-mail address detailing her relationships with Mr Eriksson and chief executive Mr Palios.

Verdict 'predictable'

In one, FA lawyers said she wrote: "I want to be... very very rich".

She also said: "I'm 36, unmarried and loving it. My social life is amazing and I date famous people."

The panel also heard she had made a previous complaint about a female FA colleague who paid her "too close attention".

Ms Alam's solicitor, Nigel Forsyth, said the decision to reject her claim of sexual discrimination had been unanimous.

Her unfair dismissal claim was rejected by a majority judgement.

Publicist Max Clifford told BBC News the verdict was "predictable" but that Ms Alam - who is now working in the fashion industry in the US - would now "get on with her life".

"I've expected this - I told Faria she had no chance but she wanted to go ahead."

We are extremely disappointed that these allegations were ever brought into the public domain
Football Association

"She did what she wanted to do and the public will make up their own minds.

"She was happy that she had been able to come out and that what she had said was widely reported."

The Football Association said it welcomed the tribunal's decision.

A statement read: "The FA has consistently viewed the claims as unsubstantiated and without foundation. We were therefore determined to robustly defend our position.

"We are delighted for David [Davies] and his family. The allegations made against him were both hurtful and unfounded.

"We are extremely disappointed that these allegations were ever brought into the public domain, particularly when they had been expressly contradicted by previous statements from Ms Alam."

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