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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 September 2005, 16:41 GMT 17:41 UK
Family's horror over crash deaths
Hampshire crash wreckage
Six people died after two cars collided on the A31
A relative of a family which lost two children in a quadruple car crash has spoken of suffering "deep shock" at the terrible loss.

Brother and sister Natalie and Mark Malpas, thought to be aged 20 and 16, died in Wednesday night's smash on the A474 in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire.

Two brothers, Gavin and Aaron Matthews, 19 and 16, were also killed.

Six others died in another collision on the A31, near Winchester, Hampshire, 30 minutes later.

You have to bear in mind that they have just lost two members of their family. It is a terrible loss
Derek Peck

A seventh person, the 18-year-old son of the Ford Focus driver, is being treated in a high dependency unit at a hospital in the county.

All four youngsters in the Welsh crash were pronounced dead at the scene after the Renault Megane coupe they were travelling in crashed into a garden wall at about 2200 BST during heavy rain.

Derek Peck, a relative of Natalie and Mark Malpas' parents, said the couple were too distraught to speak at the moment.

Speaking outside the family home in Glanaman, two miles from the crash scene in west Wales, he said he had just arrived from London with his family to be with grieving couple.

'Mini Le Mans'

They were "obviously in deep shock", he said.

"You have to bear in mind that they have just lost two members of their family. It is a terrible loss.

"I'm not fully aware of what exactly happened but there is a police investigation under way at the moment trying to find that out.

"I would just ask that the media give them the space to themselves that they now need to grieve."

David Harries, 56, who owns the house struck in the crash, said he had intended to write to the local council and the police calling for action along what he calls a mini stretch of "Le Mans".

Internal injuries

In the Hampshire incident, local police said five of those who died were in a Peugeot and in their late teens or early 20s. The sixth victim, in a Ford Focus, was a middle-aged man.

The 18-year-old son of the Ford Focus driver survived the accident and was take to the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester.

His condition has worsened and a Hampshire police spokeswoman said he was thought to have internal injuries which had not been picked up on before.

"He has been transferred from the ward he was on to the high dependency unit where he is undergoing treatment," she added.

Conditions good

Police have appealed for any witnesses to the accident to come forward.

Simon Rogers, the landlord of the Chequers Inn, which is close to the Hampshire collision, said he had not known of any previous accidents at the scene.

He told the BBC News website: "It's a 40mph limit through here and a 50mph one up on North Street but it comes off a dual carriageway."

Insp Tony Browne declined to speculate on the speed of the cars at the time of the collision.

The road was not an accident black spot and conditions had been good, he added.

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