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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 September 2005, 17:13 GMT 18:13 UK
Harry coin to mark 21st birthday
Prince Henry Alderney 5 brilliant uncirculated coin
The coin refers to the prince by his official title
The first coin featuring Prince Harry is being issued by the Royal Mint to mark his 21st birthday next week.

A portrait of the prince in a sweater and open necked shirt features on the reverse of the commemorative 5 coin, which also displays his coat of arms.

The writing around the edge refers to Harry under his official title as HRH Prince Henry of Wales.

The coins are expected to be kept by collectors but will be legal tender in Alderney, where they are being issued.

The image of Harry was created by engraver Robert Elderton using photographs taken by George Bodnar.

Limited editions

"It's been approved by the Queen and gone through the Palace," a Royal Mint spokeswoman said.

"Harry will have seen it too. We expect this coin to be very, very popular like the ones for William's 21st."

Harry, who has entered Sandhurst for training as an army officer, celebrates his birthday on 15 September.

Five different versions of the coin, featuring The Queen on the other side, will be on sale through the Royal Mint until 31 December this year.

The Prince Henry Alderney 5 brilliant uncirculated coin, priced at 9.95, comes in an edition of 10,000.

There will also be 2,721 limited editions including 21 Gold Kilos with a face value of 1,000, priced at 15,500 each.


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