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Last Updated: Friday, 28 January, 2005, 18:01 GMT
Bug munching party game launched
Victoria, 10, from Bloxham
Victoria thought the game would be 'brilliant fun'
Eating dried worms, ants or crickets is the key to winning a new party game invented by a mother-of-two.

Contestants win more points for their team if they eat the bush tucker in Survivor Party, invented by Debbie Pitcher, 43, from Esher, Surrey.

She came up with the idea while organising her elder daughter Jessica's 12th birthday party in August.

She has made a batch of 1,000 copies of the game and unveiled them at a toy fair in London on Friday.

"I used the basic principle for the game when I had Jessica's party and all the kids seemed to love it," Mrs Pitcher said.

"The parents thought it was great when they heard about it and encouraged me to take the idea further."

In the game, two teams split into tribes and take it in turn to complete challenges.

It was really disgusting but I managed to eat one of the oven baked worms
Victoria, 10

Between rounds they take a beastly bug trial which involves eating the insects for extra points - similar to the TV show I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

If they refuse, opposing team members can take the challenge and the points.

Victoria, 10, from Bloxham, was at the toy fair to try out toys for CBBC.

She said Survivor Party was the "weirdest" game there.

'Like popcorn'

"It was really disgusting but I managed to eat one of the oven baked worms! My mum tried to eat a toasted ant but chose a worm in the end because the ants just looked too horrid!" she said.

"It was certainly the oddest game that I saw. I think it's the sort of game that everyone would love to play."

The insects come from farms and suppliers around the world and meet UK guidelines on food, Mrs Pitcher said.

The worms, from the US, taste like popcorn while the 'Big Bottom Ants', with a pea-sized rear, are said to taste like bacon.


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