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Soldier 'took photos for mother'
A soldier poses with a group of looters
Iraqi looters were photographed after being rounded up at the camp
A British soldier took photographs of the alleged abuse of Iraqi detainees to show to his mother when he got back to the UK, a court martial has heard.

Earlier, Fusilier Gary Bartlam said he was told to be tough on Iraqi looters to show them who was boss.

Bartlam, 20, was giving evidence at a hearing in Osnabrueck, Germany.

Three other soldiers face charges of abusing and assaulting Iraqis at an aid camp known as Camp Breadbasket in Basra, southern Iraq, in May 2003.

'Show people'

L/Cpl Darren Larkin, of Oldham, Greater Manchester, admits one charge of assaulting a prisoner but denies another charge.

I don't know who ordered it [a simulated sex act], or commanded them to do it, I hadn't been with the section long enough to remember names
Fusilier Gary Bartlam

Cpl Kenyon and L/Cpl Cooley, both of Newcastle upon Tyne, deny all the charges they face. The soldiers are all from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Gary Bartlam was convicted at an earlier hearing of offences connected to photographs of alleged abuse.

The court martial has already been told that Bartlam, from Tamworth, Staffs, had only been in Cpl Kenyon's section, Milan Platoon, for a week before the alleged abuse.

He said he had taken some photographs of the whole mission, to show people what he was doing in Iraq.

Bartlam told the hearing he took photographs of two naked Iraqis simulating sex acts, after walking into a hangar and seeing a group of laughing soldiers surrounding them.

"I don't know who ordered it, or commanded them to do it, I hadn't been with the section long enough to remember names," he added.

Charges dropped

Under cross examination, he claimed he took the photographs to show his mother when he got back home.

That's a very nice picture to show your mum isn't it?
Joseph Giret, representing Cpl Kenyon

He was asked to look at a picture of two Iraqis apparently simulating a sex act.

Joseph Giret, representing Cpl Kenyon, said: "That's a very nice picture to show your mum, isn't it?"

The hearing was told that Bartlam was originally due to stand trial alongside them on seven charges.

But the four more serious ones were dropped when he pleaded guilty to three lesser allegations.

"You are a thoroughly dishonest person and your conduct on that day and other days was demonstrably disgraceful," Mr Giret said.

Physical work

Earlier, Bartlam told the hearing he was instructed to "tap" or "beast" any looters who "stepped out of line".

They were tapping them, hitting them, letting them know who was in charge
Fusilier Gary Bartlam

In military slang, to "beast" someone means to put them through serious physical work, such as running for a long time.

The abuse allegedly happened following a mission called "Operation Ali Baba" to round up looters from stealing humanitarian aid from Camp Breadbasket

Bartlam said soldiers used wooden sticks used to put up camouflage netting to catch the fleeing looters.

Some soldiers hit the looters with the poles, he told the court martial in Osnabrueck, Germany.

Hear the details of the latest evidence

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