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Last Updated: Saturday, 3 September 2005, 01:20 GMT 02:20 UK
British soldiers in US rape trial
Two British soldiers have appeared in a US court accused of raping a woman while on a training exercise.

Scott Aitken, 22, from Edinburgh, and Andrew Leighton, 28, of Leeds, denied a charge of first degree sexual assault at Wyoming District Court, Cheyenne.

They will be held in joint British and US military custody at Warren Air Force base until their trial on 5 December.

The men of 4 Para, the Territorial Army battalion of the Parachute Regiment, face 50 years in jail if found guilty.

Wyoming prosecutor Eric Aldan said that a request to be transferred back to the UK pending trial had been denied.

"It was discussed but the judge decided not to change any of their conditions," he said.

"We are thinking that we will have one joint trial for both of them."

The men had previously made one brief appearance at a court in the small town of Wheatland in Platte County, Wyoming.

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