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Last Updated: Monday, 5 September 2005, 08:48 GMT 09:48 UK
'All we can do is wait'
While news trickles through of Britons being rescued from the Louisiana Superdome, other British families continue to watch and wait for news of their loved ones.

Eddie Kittle, of Plymouth in Dorset, has not heard from his son, Ryan, since 28 August.

The 24-year-old plumber has been living in the small town of Kiln, near Gulfport - about 60 miles from New Orleans - for two years. He and his American wife share a house there with her parents and her two brothers.

Last Sunday Ryan spoke to his parents to tell them he was popping into Gulfport to buy some timber to "batten down" the house in preparation for Hurricane Katrina. They have heard nothing since.

Eddie Kittle told the BBC News website all he can do is wait for the Foreign Office to get in touch.

They planned a trip to New Orleans for that weekend for Ryan's birthday - he was 24 last Saturday. But when they got there they were evacuated, so they turned around and went back to Kiln.

He phone on Sunday afternoon, because we speak to him every weekend, and he said that they were evacuated but they were going to batten the house down.

He said he was going into Gulfport, but his mother-in-law would be staying to look after the animals and the property.

We haven't heard from anybody since. We've tried phoning but the lines are down. We've tried mobiles, but they are down as well.

By the look of it, Gulfport was entirely wiped out. But the only thing we've got to rely on is news reports.

We've tried phoning the Homeland Security people in the States and the Gulfport Police, but couldn't get through. We've got hold of the Foreign Office and now we're just waiting.

We haven't seen Ryan for about two years. He doesn't come back very often, which is why we speak to him every weekend.

We won't be able to go out to the States because neither me nor my wife has a passport and we wouldn't be able to afford the flights.


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