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Last Updated: Monday, 29 August 2005, 06:02 GMT 07:02 UK
Papers celebrate Test match win
The triumph of the England cricket team over Australia is celebrated on the back pages, the front pages, and by the writers of many of the leader columns.

The Daily Express describes the closing minutes of the fourth Test as "a nail-biting, heart-stopping, head-in-hands experience".

The Sun says it was "torture" and the Daily Telegraph found it "almost unbearably tense".

The Mirror looks forward to the remaining Test match with confidence.

Medical research

The Telegraph publishes the findings of its survey on attitudes to euthanasia, abortion, and developments in medical research, on the front page.

Almost 2,500 people were questioned and 58% said abortions should not take place later than the 20th week of pregnancy.

A total of 87% felt people who were terminally ill should, if they wish, be able to ask for medical assistance to help them die.

And 68% said it was acceptable to use 14-day-old embryos for research.

Swearing rule

A secondary school headmaster is pilloried in two papers for an attempt to limit swearing by his students.

Alan Large has imposed what the Daily Express describes as a "bizarre" new rule for pupils at Weavers School in Northamptonshire.

They will be allowed to use what he calls "the F-word" five times in each lesson, and the teacher will keep a running total on the board.

The Daily Mail says parents have condemned the rule as ludicrous.

Save our pint

The main story in The Guardian is the progress made by scientists in Texas trying to develop a blood test for the human form of mad cow disease.

The European Commission is under fire in the Daily Star after it asked the UK when it will go metric.

The paper is launching a "Save Our Pint" campaign.

But unnamed "Labour party figures" tell the Financial Times they have no intention of scrapping pints, or replacing miles with kilometres.

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