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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 January, 2005, 07:18 GMT
Right Royal feast for the media
The Royal family again find themselves on many of Thursday's front pages.

The Sun - which prints photos of Prince Harry appearing at a fancy dress party dressed as a Nazi - wonders what the Queen Mother would have made of it.

His choice of outfit, complete with swastika armband, has "done him no favours", says the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mirror also reports that the Queen told a Palace guest she thought Paris would win the 2012

Olympic bid. It's a double blunder for the Royals, it says.

Right to defend

Some papers are angry the government has refused to give people more rights to defend themselves against intruders.

We can't trust Tony Blair, complains the Daily Express, while the Sun says ministers have gone soft.

The Mail says Mr Blair has gone back on a promise while the Daily Telegraph says it has taken the side of burglars.

But the Mirror and Independent both congratulate them. "We want common sense in government...not populist scare-mongering," says the Mirror.

Pub opening

The Mail again attacks the government on another policy - allowing pubs in England and Wales to stay open as long as they want.

The paper says a majority of chief constables support its campaign to delay the new law.

The Financial Times says the drinks industry has rejected the Mail's warnings about of 24-hour opening.

One firm tells the FT none of its 9,000 pubs is likely to apply for a round-the-clock licence because of the costs.

Coup plot

Sir Mark Thatcher, who is expected to plead guilty to a charge arising from an alleged coup plot in Equatorial Guinea, features in the broadsheets.

The Guardian says despite his decision he still protests his innocence in private, but wants to avoid a trial.

The Mail claims he reached his decision after agonised talks with his mother Baroness Thatcher over Christmas.

He is desperate to leave South Africa so he can be re-united with his family in the US, according to the Express.

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