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Last Updated: Sunday, 21 August 2005, 05:12 GMT 06:12 UK
Further claims on Menezes death
Sunday papers
Many of the Sunday papers print further allegations surrounding the police shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.

The Observer claims surveillance officers who followed him to Stockwell station did not think he was a bomber.

The Sunday Express describes a "chaotic police radio shambles" when marksmen's radios did not work underground.

Meanwhile, a "mind-boggling catalogue of errors, bungling incompetence and basic failures of communication" are alleged by the Sunday Mirror.

Sir Ian Blair

The papers' general consensus is that calls for Sir Ian Blair to resign as head of the Metropolitan Police over Mr Menezes' shooting are premature.

The only people helped by the campaign to force him to stand down are the terrorists, the Sunday Telegraph says.

The Independent on Sunday accuses Sir Ian of showing poor judgement and undermining confidence in the police.

But the paper reaches the same conclusion as the News of the World - that he should stay, at least for now.

Focus on health

The Independent carries a warning that bird flu could arrive in the UK this winter.

The potentially deadly virus is thought to be spreading west after experts in Siberia and Kazakhstan found it in birds soon due to migrate to Europe.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Telegraph claims to have figures showing 6m hospital appointments are missed each year - costing the NHS around 575m.

It says the number rose by 13% in 2004 despite a pledge by the government to cut "no-shows".

Royal news

The Sunday Times says the Queen plans to cut her gas and electricity bills using natural heat from the earth.

A network of pipes beneath the lake at Buckingham Palace would be used to pump heated water to the state rooms, the Times says.

The Sunday Express says detectives probing Princess Diana's death have approached US experts in post mortems on bodies that have been embalmed.

That prompts the paper to ask: "Could they really exhume Diana's body?".

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