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Mohammed enters top boys' names
Jack has been the most popular name for the last 10 years
Mohammed has become one of the most popular names for baby boys in England and Wales.

It entered the top 20 most commonly chosen names for 2004 baby boys for the first time ever, according to the Office for National Statistics.

But there was little change at the top with Jack and Emily retaining their status as the most popular name for newborn boys and girls.

Charlie was a big climber in the boys' chart as was Evie for the girls.

1. Jack
2. Joshua
3. Thomas
4. James
5. Daniel
6. Samuel
7. Oliver
8. William
9. Benjamin
10. Joseph

Chloe, the most popular girls' name for seven years until 2002 dropped to number five, behind Ellie, Jessica and Sophie.

Parents of baby boys have remained consistent in their choices. The top five of Jack, Joshua, Thomas, James and Daniel have remained the same since 2002.

Last year's big climber Alfie was less popular this year, down nine places to 27, while Charlie went up nine places to 16.

David and Reece dropped out of the top 50.

Leading girls' names increasing in 2004 were Lily, which jumped eight places to number 16, Isabelle, up 12 to 30 and Ruby, which climbed 19 places to 31. Rachel, Sarah and Shannon all dropped out of the top 50.

In Wales, the top boys' name was Joshua ahead of Jack. Dylan, Ethan, Rhys and Morgan also made the top 10.

1. Emily
2. Ellie
3. Jessica
4. Sophie
5. Chloe
6. Lucy
7. Olivia
8. Charlotte
9. Katie
10. Megan
Megan was most popular for girls in Wales with Emily in fourth and Ffion and Caitlin also making the top 10.

Out of the top 50, Hollywood glamour seems to have had some impact on the girls' side with Keira proving popular after the leading British actress, Keira Knightley.

The name jumped 100 places to 53.

On the boys' side, Tony Blair's decision to name his youngest child Leo appears to have been a popular one with the British public.

Leo is up 22 places to 57 this year.

Comparing favourite names over the past 100 years
1904 1934 2004 1904 1934 2004
1 William John Jack Mary Margaret Emily
2 John Peter Joshua Florence Jean Ellie
3 George William Thomas Doris Mary Jessica
4 Thomas Brian James Edith Joan Sophie
5 Arthur David Daniel Dorothy Patricia Chloe
Source: ONS

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