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Last Updated: Sunday, 2 January, 2005, 11:37 GMT
British victims of Asia quake

Details are emerging daily about Britons killed, or missing presumed dead, as a result of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

A total of 35 Britons have been confirmed dead, but this figure is set to rise.

Many of the dead have not been named and others are still listed simply as missing. Some details have emerged:

Five-year-old Isabella Peatfield, from Mappleton near Ashbourne in Derbyshire, was named on New Year's Eve as the youngest Briton known to have died in the disaster.

Isabella Peatfield
She loved life with a passion
Isabella Peatfield's parents

She was on holiday with her parents Kim, 40, and Tristan, 39, in Sri Lanka, who survived and have returned to the UK.

They said the Christmas break was a last minute decision - Isabella's 10-year-old brother Oliver wanted to have Christmas with the extended family and stayed in the UK.

Their daughter, known as 'Bellie', had seen Sri Lanka's elephants in her parents honeymoon photographs and dreamed of seeing them for real. On the morning of the tsunami she had put on special clothes for a trip to see the elephants.

When the wave forced them from their bungalow the force of it tore them apart - her parents were only reunited after two day's searching.

"Bellie will always be wonderful to us. She was unique. She loved life with a passion," they said.

Two childhood friends who were enjoying a Christmas holiday together are feared dead, after their families said they had not talked to them since Christmas Day.

Benjamin Watts, 29, and Nova Mills, 28, of Spalding Moor, Yorkshire, had been staying in a beach house with their partners, near the resort of Krabi, when the tsunami hit on Boxing Day.

Miss Mills' partner Andrew Chaggar is being treated in Bangkok, while Mr Watts' girlfriend Paula Bateman is receiving medical treatment in Germany.

Miss Mills father David said his daughter had been travelling around the world after teaching English in Munich.

Dominic Stephenson and Eileen Lee
They're great people with a great life ahead of them
Simon Stephenson, brother

The brother of Dominic Stephenson, 27, from Edinburgh, has issued a plea for any information on his whereabouts having had no contact with him since Christmas Day.

Simon Stephenson said Dominic and his girlfriend Eileen Lee, 24, had been holidaying in the Charlie Beach resort in Thailand to celebrate moving in together.

"So far, we haven't been able to trace either Dominic or Eileen, though efforts are continuing to do so.

"They're great people with a great life ahead of them. Dominic has recently settled into a job in Edinburgh as a qualified architect and Eileen is an event co-ordinator for the Royal Institute of British Architects. Last month they bought a small flat in Edinburgh."

Peter Weston
It was sudden and chaotic. In the chaos Pete got separated from us
Jackie Weston, wife

A father-of-two died when the tsunami wave struck the Maldives and he became separated from his family.

Peter Weston, 47, from Hampshire, was holidaying with his wife Jackie, 45, and daughters Katie, 11, and Victoria, 14, at the White Sands resort on the Ari Atoll.

The family were standing outside their hotel reception when they heard the sound of dozens of children screaming.

They then saw a huge surge of water coming straight towards them, said Mrs Weston.

She said: "People didn't know where to go or what to do. It was sudden and chaotic. Pete got separated from us. We are all absolutely devastated."

She added: "He was a fantastic father and husband. We just can't put into words how we feel."

A British-born grandfather died trying to save drowning children when the tsunami swept through the island resort of Phuket, Thailand.

Brian Clayton, 58, was on holiday with his wife Patsy at their favourite spot.

The couple, originally from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, emigrated in 1979 to Brisbane, Australia and have two daughters and three grandchildren.

Mr Clayton went back into the water to try and save children after ensuring his wife has scrambled to safety.

Mrs Clayton said: "It all happened so quickly. One minute the waters were calm and the next he was getting sucked into the ocean.

"He was not only my husband but my best friend and was always by my side. I will miss him terribly."

Dale Hurren and son James

James Hurren, 22, was found dead by his father Dale, after he arrived in Thailand to join the search for his son.

James Hurren went there with a friend, but they were at different places when the wave struck. His friend, Bin Tyler, has been accounted for.

Dale Hurren, 46, of Norwich, had identified the body, friends confirmed.

Lord Attenborough with granddaughter Lucy Holland, then aged 5
Her death has shocked and greatly saddened us
Kings School, Canterbury

Richard Attenborough's granddaughter Lucy, 14, was killed in the Thai resort of Phuket.

Teachers at a school attended by the youngster have spoken of their sadness at her death.

Staff at King's School in Canterbury, Kent, described Lucy Holland as a vivacious and talented girl of great spirit and style who had a wide circle of friends.

A statement said her death had shocked and greatly saddened the whole school.

Lucy's mother Jane, the elder daughter of the actor and film director, is missing after the disaster, as is her paternal grandmother, Jane Holland.

Her 17-year-old sister Alice survived, but is in a serious condition in a hospital in Singapore.

Louise Willgrass, from Colney, near Norwich, was named on Monday as a casualty.

Nigel and Louise Willgrass
I stood on top of buildings and called for her and she wasn't there
Nigel Willgrass

The 43-year-old was killed as she holidayed in Thailand with husband Nigel and their four children, aged between six and 16.

She died in a supermarket after dropping in to buy sun cream.

Her husband describes how he later found her body at a hospital.

"There was a door on the right-hand side that said 'morgue' and she was in there with many, many other people," he said.

"I wanted to take her wedding ring and they wouldn't let me. There was nobody there for me. It was just awful."

Six-year-old Taylor Howard from St. Ives was among those killed as he holidayed in Thailand with his brother Mason, aged eight, his mother Sharon, 37, and her boyfriend David Page, 44.

The Howard family and David Page from St Ives, Cornwall. Taylor Howard (left), 6, is dead, while Mr Page and Mason (right), 8,are missing presumed dead
Sharon was the happiest she had ever been with David
Rita Coop, mother

Mason and Mr Page are missing presumed dead, but the youngsters' mother was apparently uninjured when the deadly waves struck.

Andrew Mitchell, a St Ives district councillor and local restaurateur who knows the family, said the town was "in shock".

He added: "Some of their friends have been in touch with me. They are totally devastated and just can't understand what has happened."

Luke Simon holds a picture of his missing brother Piers
Pier's passport was in the pocket of his shorts along with the passport of one of his friends
Father Harry

Piers Simon, 33, a garden designer from Chilthorne Domer in Somerset, has been confirmed dead after he was swept out to sea when a wave hit the cafe he was in on the Thai island of Ko Phi Phi.

His family had clung to hope after a man with a similar name was treated in hospital in Krabi and later discharged.

Piers' father Harry, 58, said he was told the news in the early hours of 31 December by his younger son Luke, 30, who is still in Thailand.

"The body was identified by Luke from photographs. There was no doubt about it.

"Pier's passport was in the pocket of his shorts along with the passport of one of his friends."

Simon Atlee and Petra Nemcova

English fashion photographer Simon Atlee is missing after being swept away while on a surprise holiday with his supermodel girlfriend in Thailand.

The 33-year-old and his Czech partner Petra Nemcova, 25, were staying in a beachfront bungalow in the Thai resort of Ko Lak when they were sent sprawling by sea surges.

Lisa Jones

Conservationist Lisa Jones, who was working on the tiny Thai island of Koh Phra Thong when the tsunami hit, is among those feared dead.

Her brother Chris Jones, from Windsor, in Berkshire, said the 31-year-old had dedicated "her short life to helping wildlife and the environment".

"Her brother Mark and I and our family are absolutely dumbstruck. She will leave a massive hole in the lives of everyone who knew and loved her.

"We miss her terribly already, the world was a better place with her in it," he said.

Andrew and Natalie McLeish
It's absolutely awful not knowing where they are and what's happened
Sandra Bell, mother

Natalie and Andrew McLeish were on their honeymoon on Thailand's Ko Phi Phi island when the tsunami hit. The couple, from Sheffield, have not been heard from since Christmas Day.

Andrew, 31, and Natalie, 28, were married in May and were due back on 4 January.

Mr McLeish's brother Stuart and his wife Lucy were flying out to Thailand to search for the pair.

Lincoln Abraham, a 34-year-old City broker, has been confirmed dead.

The Londoner was on holiday with a group of friends in Thailand, who are known to have survived the disaster and later identified his body.

Mr Abraham, from Hampstead in north London, was staying with two friends at Princess Hotel on Phi Phi island.

He had been standing with his friends when all three were hit by the waves. His friends escaped but were unaware of Mr Abraham's whereabouts.

Leonard Barratt and Catherine Mullan
We are looking for our mother and father
Louis and Theo Baratt Mullan

Catherine Mullan, 53, and Leonard Barratt, 49, from Truro, Cornwall, are missing presumed dead in Phuket, Thailand. Their sons Louis Barratt Mullan, 16, and 12-year-old Theo survived.

They pinned a note to a door at Takua Pa hospital asking for their parents to contact them.

Philo Mullan, the sister of Catherine, said the boys had been coping remarkably well. They are staying with a family after the British Embassy stepped in, and Ms Mullan will return to the UK with them.

Louis had rung his 84-year-old grandmother to tell her he and his brother were safe.

Clare Jackson, of Bristol, is feared dead after the torrent pulled her away from boyfriend Alex Hill, 24, in Tangarra, Sri Lanka.

Robert Rowbottom and Sarah Bent
The support and care that both families have received... has been tremendous
Families' statement

Missing on Ko Phi Phi, Thailand, are student Sarah Bent, 19, and her boyfriend Robert Rowbottom, 21, both from York.

They were staying at the Charlie Beach Resort and have not been heard from since Christmas Day, when they phoned their families to say they were having a fantastic holiday.

Robert was taking a gap year and travelling around South East Asia and Australia. Sarah flew out to Bangkok on 9 December to spend Christmas and the New Year with him.

Their families said in a statement: "The support and care that both families have received from the Thai people and embassy staff in Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi has been tremendous."

This is so difficult. Nobody should have to go through this
Father Alan

Charlotte Jones, 23, from Peterfield, Hampshire, was waiting for a boat on the island of Racha Yai, south of Phuket, Thailand, when a giant wave hit the resort.

She is understood to be the only person from her group not accounted for. Her mother Liz has flown to Thailand to look for her daughter, while her father Alan remained at home with her 18-year-old sister.

He said they were "praying for a miracle".

"But every day that goes by, realistically, we think she is lost. It's becoming quite gloomy. This is so difficult. Nobody should have to go through this."

The family last heard from Charlotte on Christmas Day when she had rung them.

A couple with two young sons who were visiting their grandmother in Indonesia for the first time are also among the missing.

Businessman Gareth Smith, in his mid-40s, was on the island of Sipora, north west of Sumatra, with his wife Floryda, a care assistant in her 30s, and their sons Joshua, six, and Zerubbabel, nine.

"We hope they're still alive but we are being realistic about their chances," said the Rev Thomas McKinlay, vicar at the family's church in Kent.

Backpacker Leanne Cox, 23, of Hartlepool, is also missing on Ko Phi Phi.

Backpacker Leanne Cox
As the first wave subsided, Leanne's best friend saw her apparently trying to climb a tree but then she was carried further along
Alan Cox, father

Leanne had been visiting Thailand as part of a world trip, after graduating from university and leaving England in November 2003.

Her parents said she had called them on Christmas Day and had been in good spirits.

Her father Alan said: "What I've been told now is that they'd had breakfast and were dressed and had come back in the room.

"And they just heard this enormous noise which they thought was an earthquake, then suddenly - they were on the beach in a beach hut - and the place just seemed to collapse with the water.

"As the first wave subsided, Leanne's best friend saw her apparently trying to climb a tree but then she was carried further along."

Ross Baker
People say that they feel numb in these situations, and that is exactly how I feel
Father Steve

Singer Ross Baker, 26, was staying with friends he met while travelling on the island of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, when the tsunami hit.

He was due to meet a friend in Bangkok on 28 December but never arrived.

His cousin Jodie and brother Peter are travelling to Thailand in a desperate attempt to find him.

His father Steve Baker, from South Brent, Devon, said: "People say that they feel numb in these situations, and that is exactly how I feel. You are totally impotent."

Mr Baker was taking a break from his part in a touring production of the hit musical Fame.

Stuart Shields, 37, a keen amateur footballer, was killed while swimming in the sea off the Maldives with wife Tania, 34. She survived and has contacted relatives in their home town of Ridgewell, Essex, with the news.

John Hofton, 62, and his wife Annie, 57, of Worcester, are thought to have died on Khao Lak, in Thailand.

Julian Ayer, son of the late philosopher Freddie Ayer, is among those who died in Sri Lanka. He was travelling with his wife, Harriet Crawley, to see her son Spencer, 17, play cricket in Galle on a Harrow School cricket tour.

Holly Riddle, a barmaid in her early 20s, from Emsworth, Hampshire, was on holiday with her father, Nicholas, mother, Sally, and sister, Mazie, six, in Krabi, Thailand. She is confirmed to have died.

Jez Stephens, 29, from Norwich, was on holiday on the Thai island, Ko Phi Phi. He has not been seen since Christmas Day.

Briton Steven Leung Sai-wai, 39, is believed to have been killed in Thailand. It is thought he had been living in Hong Kong.

Also missing are Jane and Jamie Norton, who were honeymooning on the Maldives.

Jon Hughes, 33, of Kirkstall, Leeds, has been missing since a wave hit his beach hut in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

His girlfriend Sally Shearing survived.

Radiographer Amanda Britton, 40, her brother Adrian Lester, 41, and father Keith Lester, 71, are missing in Thailand, as are Samantha Fayet, 32, and her daughter Ruby, aged six months.

Garden designer Craig Stanley, 30, of Nottingham, his girlfriend Barbara McTaggart, 29, and scuba diver Andrew Barber, 37 are also unaccounted for by the Thai authorities.

Sound engineer Kevin Brickel, 32, from Hertford, was in Phi Phi on holiday with his Thai girlfriend. She has not heard from him since the tsunami struck.

Pippa Rea, 40, from Nutbourne, in West Sussex, was in Phuket on a holiday with her husband Bill. She has been missing since the tsunami hit.

Lisa May, 25, a former chef from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, was backpacking in Phi Phi. Her father John and sister Nicola have flown to Indonesia to search for her.

Fears are growing for father-of-three Stephen Magson, 54, from York, who remains missing in Phuket, Thailand.

His wife Denise and daughter India have pinned his photo on what has been described as the 'wall of despair' in the city.

Two daughters of a woman feared dead in Phuket, Thailand, have flown out to try to find her.

Joy Sunderland, 77, a grandmother-of-four from Stamford, in Lincolnshire, was on holiday with husband Arthur when she was swept away by the giant wave. Arthur is thought to be being treated in a Bangkok hospital.

Ben Brown followed one man's search for his brother


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