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Is Trafalgar quiz child's play?
So you think you know your British history? In this 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, Lord Nelson's exploits against Napoleon's fleet have been thrust to the fore.

But have you taken it in?

Pupils at Isambard Brunel Junior School in Nelson's home port of Portsmouth have been taking every opportunity to learn more about one of the city's famous sons, basing a whole term of national curriculum learning on the Nelson theme.

And they reckon they know enough to issue a stiff challenge to the readers of the BBC News website, helping us compile a Trafalgar quiz to test whether you know as much as they do.

Isambard Brunel Junior School pupils Aidan McAvery, Jack Ayres, Mijan Uddin and Louie Turnbull, who with their classmates helped pose the quiz questions, hold their model of HMS Victory
Come and have a go if you think you're clever enough...

Question 1
Where was Lord Nelson born?
A: Portsmouth
B: Cornwall
C: Norfolk
Question 2
What was Nelson's first ship called?
A: HMS Raisonnable
B: HMS Victory
C: HMS Warrior
Question 3
What was his wife's name?
A: Emma
B: Horatia
C: Frances
Question 4
How did HMS Victory get her name?
A: She was a direct replacement for another warship of the same name
B: She was named after designer Sir Thomas Slade's daughter, Victoria
C: The name reflected the fact that she was built at the height of Britain's supremacy in battle
Question 5
How much did she cost to build?
A: 630
B: 6,300
C: 63,000
Question 6
What happened to the Victory after she was badly damaged at the Battle of Cape St Vincent, eight years before Trafalgar?
A: She became a hospital ship
B: She was used as a prison ship
C: She was rebuilt and sent straight back into battle
Question 7
Which combination of organs and limbs did Nelson lose in battle?
A: Right arm; left eye
B: Left arm; right eye
C: Right arm; right eye
D: Left arm; left eye
Question 8
Complete this quote from Lord Nelson: You must hate ..... as you hate the devil.
A: War
B: Cowardice
C: A Frenchman
Question 9
How did Lord Nelson die?
A: He was shot by a French marksman
B: He was struck by a Spanish cannon ball
C: One of Victory's own cannon backfired
Question 10
After Nelson died, where was his body first taken?
A: Malta
B: Gibraltar
C: Isle of Wight
Question 11
How was Nelson's body brought back to Britain?
A: In a barrel of beer
B: In a barrel of rum
C: In a barrel of brandy
Question 12
Where is he buried?
A: Westminster Abbey
B: St Paul's Cathedral
C: St Martins in the Field

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