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Sven lover 'boasted in e-mails'
Faria Alam
Miss Alam is said to have sent a series of e-mails about her affairs
A Football Association secretary "bragged" in e-mails about her affairs with Sven-Goran Eriksson and a senior official, a tribunal has heard.

Faria Alam, 39, resigned from her post at the FA last August after her affairs with the England coach and FA chief executive Mark Palios became public.

FA lawyers said she wrote: "I want to be...very very rich" in one e-mail.

Miss Alam denies resigning in order to make money from newspapers and is claiming unfair dismissal.

She also alleges that she suffered sexual discrimination, breach of contract and unequal pay.

'Bragging messages'

The employment tribunal in central London was told by FA lawyers on Wednesday that the former model had fired off frequent messages from her work e-mail address bragging about the affairs.

In one she allegedly wrote: "Haven't been naughty yet, but the guy I will see tomorrow night is the more famous one.

"Let's call him Sugar, he's very sweet and he's the coach."

I'm not going to go through life settling for second best ever
E-mail FA says was written by Faria Alam

In another message to a friend, who later sold e-mails on to a newspaper, Miss Alam apparently said: "I'm 36, unmarried and loving it. My social life is amazing and I date famous people."

Miss Alam also described relations with Mr Palios - whom she called PP or Pretty Polly - and with Mr Eriksson.

'Newspaper riches'

Barrister Jeffrey Bacon, representing the FA, said that Miss Alam had sent a further string of e-mails to friends and family as the national football team played in the Euro 2004 tournament in Portugal.

In one e-mail, he claimed Miss Alam wrote: "Sugar is brilliant, I've even told your dad. I want to be happy and very, very rich and successful and I will be.

It is really your boasting to friends and colleagues that led to the story exploding
Jeffrey Bacon, representing the FA

"I'm not going to go through life settling for second best ever."

Mr Bacon also rejected her claim that she had been smeared by the FA.

"It is really your boasting to friends and colleagues that led to the story exploding," he said.

The hearing heard that on 5 August 2004, the day Miss Alam resigned from the FA, she was in the office of PR consultant Max Clifford.

She said she had sent her resignation letter while at Mr Clifford's business premises.

Miss Alam denied allegations she had quit in order to sell her story and insisted that her position had become "untenable".

I wouldn't swear on the Koran and then lie
Faria Alam

She was also challenged about her claim that she had not been asked a direct question about her affair with Mr Eriksson.

The tribunal heard that FA executive director David Davies had asked Miss Alam if she had been "running around" with Mr Eriksson.

"What did you think he meant, jogging?" asked Mr Bacon.

"No. That something was going on," Miss Alam replied.

Harassment claim

Mr Bacon later challenged Miss Alam's allegation that Mr Davies had sexually harassed her and that she had kept a written record of the events.

Such a diary would have been a "holy grail" for a discrimination case, he said, and asked why she had not demanded it be returned with other personal belongings she had left at FA headquarters.

Miss Alam said the notebook had been company property and she believed it would not have been handed over.

She denied she was making up the claims: "No I'm not. I wouldn't swear on the Koran and then lie."

The tribunal also heard that Miss Alam had talked about her previous marriage with FA lawyer Alistair MacLean during discussions about how to deal with the revelations over her private life.

This, along with attempts by the FA's then communications director, Colin Gibson, to broker a deal for Miss Alam to tell her story was evidence of their attempts to protect their employee, said Mr Bacon.

Miss Alam is thought to be seeking about 30,000 in compensation.

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