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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 December, 2004, 08:05 GMT
Papers cite 'living wills' chaos
Wednesday's papers have few plaudits for the way Tuesday's Commons debate on euthanasia was conducted.

Discussion of the Mental Capacity Bill began in confusion and ended in something close to hysteria, according to the Times.

A "vile vote" is the Daily Mail's verdict. The paper says a debate on life or death issues was reduced to a fiasco.

Meanwhile the Daily Telegraph reports of "chaos" as the 'living will' law was pushed through after a "backbench rebellion".

Booze culture The Sun focuses on alcohol, urging anyone who doubts the scale of Britain's binge-drinking culture to pop down to the local at the weekend.

Like other papers, it is shocked by a study which puts British youngsters among the worst in Europe when it comes to heavy drink and drug abuse.

Some, including the Times, focus on signs young women are out-drinking men.

Meanwhile, the Daily Express says a "ladette" alcohol culture has taken a grip as teenage girls try to ape hard-drinking tomboy celebrities.

Sporting row

A track-suited Tony Blair appears in many papers - he was pictured at the launch of the government's drive to get pupils to exercise at least four hours a week.

But the Daily Mail says it sounds like a re-hashed, re-heated stew of old promises and in the real world school playing fields are still being sold.

The inclusion of "alternative sport's" in what the Sun dubs the "Blair Pitch Project" raises the Daily Star's heckles.

This cash, it rails, must not be wasted by soggy do-gooders who want to protect children from "competition".

Frosty climes

The Guardian carries an awe-inspiring front page picture of a huge iceberg causing problems in the Antarctic.

The ice chunk, measuring 76 miles (122km) by 17 miles (27km), is preventing people from reaching three research stations and making penguins waddle more than 60 miles (97km) to find food.

Elsewhere, according to the Sun, things are decidedly frosty on a Redcar housing estate where an anonymous critic has railed against Christmas decorations.

Five homes have been bombarded with letters denouncing their choice of yuletide lights.

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