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Last Updated: Friday, 10 June 2005, 12:50 GMT 13:50 UK
Liverpool fans ecstatic and angry
Victory celebrations in central Liverpool
Thousands thronged Liverpool's streets for a victory parade
Some Liverpool fans are delirious at being allowed to play in next year's European Champions League.

Others are angry that their team, currently the champions, will enter the competition in the first qualifying round in July.

Some are both angry and delirious.

Rich Peddar, chairman of the Liverpool FC Supporters Club, said the main thing was the club was in the competition.

"I wouldn't say the majority of Liverpool fans are overjoyed as we have been put in at the very lowest level - in the first round rather than as the highest seed.

"It is obviously a compromise by Uefa and as long as we get a chance to defend the title then that is really all that matters."

Although it was not ideal, he said it was better than nothing at all.


Message boards and radio phone-in shows have been barraged by Liverpool fans.

Karen, from Walton, told Roger Phillips' phone-in show on BBC Radio Merseyside she believed Liverpool should have been seeded, guaranteeing them entry into the group stages of the competition.

Aside from not letting us in at all, could Uefa have given us anything less?
Jonathan Taylor
Liverpool fan

She said: "Having to play these qualifying rounds is an insult to the name of Liverpool Football Club.

"We should have told them to stick it, gone into the Uefa Cup, and gone for the Premier League title instead."

Another fan called Radio Merseyside to say he was worried the extra games would ruin Liverpool's season.

"It could be a minus rather than a bonus. You could see Liverpool finishing half-way down the league next season just because of the extra physical pressure on the players."

'Another celebration'

Liverpool fan "Coey" told the BBC 606 message boards he was "delighted" Liverpool were in the competition, but he also had reservations over the qualifying rounds.

Liverpool victory celebrations in May
Liverpool's players showed off the trophy on a bus

"It's not great that we need to play all those games and we screw up our pre-seasons. But hey, we weren't supposed to be in if we finished outside the top four.

"My only real gripe is the lack of seeding. With Liverpool's history - and I mean recent, not 70s and 80s - we should surely have some seeding?"

Another fan, Jonathan Taylor, was more scathing. He said: "Aside from not letting us in at all, could Uefa have given us anything less?"

Others on the message boards disagreed, one fan saying: "Now we're in, let's have another celebration".

But one thing that has excited all football fans in Liverpool is the thought of a tie with city rivals Everton.

One fan suggested Everton "wouldn't have a hope in hell against the champions of Europe".

Everton fans, of course, beg to differ.

Liverpool get in Champions League
10 Jun 05 |  Liverpool


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