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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 December, 2004, 06:57 GMT
Crash proposals 'not fulfilled'
Paddington rail crash
The crash at Ladbroke Grove, near Paddington, killed 31 people
Safety recommendations made after the Paddington rail crash have not been "adequately fulfilled" over five years later, a survivors' group has said.

Trains passing danger signals, and the fitting of train protection and driver radio systems were all concerns, the Paddington Survivors Group (PSG) said.

The recommendations followed the 1999 Paddington disaster, in which 31 people died, and the 1997 Southall rail crash.

Some 200 recommendations were due to be implemented by September this year.

The PSG said in its report that around 140 of the recommendations had been fulfilled and others were near to completion.

But it added: "Our studies still give the PSG grave cause for concern that key recommendations of the Cullen and Uff inquiries have not been adequately fulfilled."

Lord Cullen headed the Paddington public inquiry. Professor John Uff chaired the inquiry into Southall, in which seven people died.

Three years ago, ministers, survivors, unions, train companies and others signed a declaration of intent to fully implement the recommendations.

But the provision of emergency equipment and information by some train companies had actually "regressed", the PSG said on Wednesday.

On improving the record of signals passed at danger (spads), the PSG said: "We are suspicious that some of the delays to introducing measures to mitigate this problem are occurring because of budgetary restrictions."



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