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Penny farthing man's Bondi brake
Lloyd Scott at Bondi Beach
Lloyd Scott spent 50 days cycling in a Sherlock Holmes outfit
British fund-raiser Lloyd Scott has finished a 50-day ride across Australia on a penny farthing cycle to raise money for child leukaemia sufferers.

The 43-year-old, from Rainham, Essex, who recovered from leukaemia, cycled 2,700 miles from Perth to Sydney while wearing a Sherlock Holmes costume.

He cycled 12 hours a day, finishing at Bondi Beach, and raised 60,000.

His previous stunts include recording the slowest time in the London marathon - in an antique deep-sea diver's suit.

He finished his Australian trip by ceremonially dumping his cycle at Bondi Beach.

"As well as being my best friend, I suppose it's also been my worst enemy," Mr Scott, told the BBC.

"Every morning having to get up and spend 10, 11, sometimes even 12 hours in the saddle.

1m aim

"But towards the end when it looked like we were going to do it, it became a good friend.

"I'd already made my mind up it was going to go in the sea afterwards, to emphasize the point we'd got here," he said.

Mr Scott is aiming to raise 1m for child leukaemia sufferers.

Earlier this week Mr Scott narrowly escaped serious injury outside Sydney, when a lorry's tyre burst near him.

A year ago he undertook the world's first underwater marathon - walking 26 miles at the bottom of Loch Ness, Scotland.

Watch Lloyd Scott celebrate finishing his journey

Marathon man's Ness triumph
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