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Last Updated: Monday, 29 November, 2004, 07:10 GMT
Blunkett's career 'in the balance'

The papers concentrate on the home secretary's request for a review into the allegation that he helped his ex-lover get a visa for her foreign nanny.

The Independent says that even though Downing Street is standing by him, David Blunkett's Cabinet career is now "hanging in the balance".

There is a strong measure of support for Mr Blunkett in the Sun.

It concludes that what happened between him and Kimberly Quinn was "a messy business" but not a resigning matter.

Survival question

The Daily Express says that "if there is one shred of evidence" that David Blunkett abused his position then he has "lost his right to our trust and his job".

The Mirror dedicates five pages to the story, asking "can he survive?" and "how can two people who were so close to one another come to this"?

The paper says both the home secretary and the prime minister face one central question.

It asks whether the story damages Mr Blunkett's ability to do his job.

'Lost support'

The Guardian believes that Chancellor Gordon Brown is planning to scrap this year's increase in fuel duties announced in the budget.

The paper says the move is part of an attempt to win back "Labour's lost support in middle Britain".

The Times says the change, to be outlined in this week's pre-budget report, will cost the exchequer around three-quarters of a billion pounds.

But the 1.92p per litre rise will only be delayed for 12 months, it says.

Apology sought

The secret and ancient medieval order, the Knights Templar, makes an appearance on the pages of both the Times and the Independent.

Almost 700 years after it was excommunicated by the Catholic Church as heretics, the organisation is seeking a formal apology.

The Independent notes that that the request has come from a Templar lodge in Hertfordshire.

The Times says the Church is giving the idea "serious consideration".

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