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Last Updated: Sunday, 28 November, 2004, 20:14 GMT
Woman is UK's top bingo caller
Mandy Gorgan
Mandy Gorgan has been crowned bingo caller of the year
A mother-of-four has beaten off stiff competition to be the first female crowned Britain's best bingo caller.

Mandy Gorgan, 36, does not go in for legs 11 and other "silly lingo", saying bingo was big business and customers had to be able to concentrate.

She will be showing off her skills at a Las Vegas casino as part of her prize, after seeing off four male callers to win the title on Sunday.

Mrs Gorgan, from Coalville, Leicestershire, won the title at an event in London.

"Silly lingo"

She said: "I just can't believe it. Bingo is big business these days and it's important the audience can concentrate on your voice.

"The old language of the working men's clubs went out years ago.

"You can't mess around with silly lingo, not when there are such large sums of money at stake."

Mrs Gorgan, who works at her local Flutters clubs in Coalville will showcase her skills at Funcoast Casino in Las Vegas as part of her prize.

The competition was organised by the National Bingo Game Association.

It is the 10th year the competition has been run and the first time it has been won by a woman

"Very cheesy"

Mark Wilson, assistant manager of the Beacon Bingo Club in Cricklewood where the contest was held, told the BBC News website: "People have still got this stereotype of people using 'two fat ladies, 88', but that has gone out of fashion a long time ago. It's very cheesy.

"Nowadays only a few callers at places like Butlins still do that. We steer away from it."

Asked what made a good bingo caller he said: "Someone who can control the session and sounds professional and has a good clear voice."

He said controlling the session meant stopping people nattering and making sure mobile phones did not go off in the middle of games.

"Some nights we can be playing for up to 4,000. That's serious money and if a mobile goes off in the middle it can be very disturbing for the players," said Mr Wilson.


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