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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 November, 2004, 07:29 GMT
Drivers 'ignoring mobile rules'
Driver using mobile phone
Some believe the fine is not sufficient deterrent
A year after the ban on using mobile phones while driving, more motorists than ever are breaking the law, a survey by the RAC suggests.

Four out of 10 drivers (37%) told the motoring organisation they were still using their phones while on the road.

Two years ago, just one in 10 (11%) of those surveyed admitted to using a hand-held mobile.

New measures on phones are likely in the Queen's Speech with a doubling of the 30 fine and points on licences.

The government says fewer people are using mobiles while driving, but is still thought to favour tougher enforcement.

RAC spokeswoman Susie Haywood said: "Research carried out by the RAC in 2003 showed that nearly nine out of 10 drivers already had a mobile phone, so this increase can only have come about because drivers have decided that they are unlikely to be pulled over.

"And even if they do think they will be caught, the fine is just not big enough to be a deterrent.

"A higher fine and penalty points should see a substantial reduction in such anti-social driving - as long as drivers hear loud and clear that being pulled over for using their phone is a reality, not just a possibility."

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