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Last Updated: Friday, 19 November, 2004, 05:30 GMT
Hunters fall prey to Parliament
Friday's papers are full of coverage of the day, in the Houses of Parliament at any rate, the hunter became the prey.

"Thank goodness it's all over", says the Independent, but it believes the resolution is unsatisfactory.

The Guardian says it was "a great ballyhoo at the death of tally-ho" - the Daily Telegraph says it the legislation is vindictive and unjust.

The Times writes of the end of a countryside tradition enjoyed by monarchs and people of all classes.

Battle of Big Ears

A touch of class war is also joined in what the Sun chooses to name the "Battle of the Big Ears".

The Times calls it a heavyweight battle over education - with Charles Clarke's meritocracy taking on aristocracy in the form of Prince Charles.

Labour has gone to war on Charles, says the Daily Express and the Daily Mail, which suggests ministers' language summoned up the republicanism spectre.

The Times makes civil war references about Mr Clarke's "Roundhead" manner.

Entente Cordiale?

Waving the Tricolor, enter French President Jacques Chirac.

The Daily Mirror says the 100-year Entente Cordiale that Britain and France were celebrating sank flatter than a souffle.

Mr Chirac warned the UK and the US that attempts to spread democracy should not be seen as a resurgence of colonialism.

The Sun has a picture of him behind Tony Blair, touching his shoulder. "Watch your back, Tony," it warns, "Chirac's sticking in the knife again".

Sense of history

If Mr Chirac were to turn the page, he would also see the Sun's blunt message to racist Spanish football fans.

It follows chants of abuse towards England's black footballers on Wednesday in Madrid.

"One Armada and no World Cups" was apparently England supporters' response to Spanish hostility.

What with images of fox-hunting, civil war and the Spanish Armada, Mr Chirac must think, at the very least, his neighbours are aware of their history.

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