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Last Updated: Friday, 29 October, 2004, 19:27 GMT 20:27 UK
Times in tabloid transformation
The Times front page after Labour's win in the 2001 election
The Times has been in broadsheet form for 216 years
The Times newspaper will be printed in tabloid form only from Monday after more than 200 years as a broadsheet, it has been announced.

The decision to scrap its broadsheet edition was made after a successful trial run of the tabloid version.

Times editor Robert Thomson said: "The launch of the compact has transformed the fortunes of the newspaper."

Since publishing a broadsheet and tabloid version, sales of the paper have gone up by 4.5%.

Though the company says in parts of the UK where it has already phased out the broadsheet edition, the rise has been greater.

For 216 years, The Times has been published as a broadsheet - the larger format which has traditionally been favoured by 'upmarket' newspapers.

Tabloid trials

But the last year has seen a shake-up in the industry.

First, the Independent tried a tabloid version. It soon phased out its broadsheet edition altogether and saw sales go up by more than 20%.

Last November, The Times responded, and it has published in both formats, which is a highly expensive business, BBC media correspondent Torin Douglas said.

Despite the successful sales, there has been vocal opposition from some Times readers who dislike the smaller version.

"It remains to be seen whether such readers will switch size, or switch newspaper, " Mr Douglas added.

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