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No Harry apology to photographer
Photograph of the incident taken by Charlie Pycraft
The prince's actions have caused a flurry of publicity
Prince Harry will not apologise to a photographer after a scuffle outside a club, Prince Charles' spokesman said.

Paddy Harverson told BBC News: "It certainly seems to be the month for apologies, but no, I don't think it really requires that."

He said the incident in London's West End was unfortunate, but it should be kept in proportion.

"The whole thing was regretful... hopefully this sort of thing won't happen again," said Mr Harverson.

Harry, who is third in line to the throne, has reportedly apologised to his father, Prince Charles, about the incident outside Pangaea nightclub in the early hours of Thursday.

Harry 'lunge'

Photographer Chris Uncle, 24, said Harry had "burst" out of his car and "lunged" towards him.

But Royal aides say Harry was hit in the face by a camera and was pushing it away when the photographer got a cut lip.

The photographer is not believed to have asked the police to press charges against Prince Harry.

Mr Harverson said: "Don't forget he (Harry) came out of the bar, the thing was shoved in his face and he was clocked by a camera, so that in itself might constitute assault."

It followed a week in which a former teacher accused the prince of cheating in his art A-level - something strongly denied by Clarence House.

What do you want him to do? Stay indoors all day? If he did that people would say he was something of a weirdo
Paddy Harverson, spokesman for the Prince of Wales
Some newspaper reports suggested a member of the press pack had asked Harry a question about his A-level just before the fracas.

Mr Harverson, communications secretary to the Prince of Wales, told BBC News Prince Harry had been "completely submerged" by a mob of aggressive photographers.

He said the 20-year-old had been misrepresented as a one-dimensional "party prince" by the media and asked people to "cut him some slack".

Until recently, Prince Harry has been protected by an agreement between Royal officials and the media to respect the privacy of Prince William and Harry while they were in full-time education.

'Let's move on'

But now Prince Harry has left school - he recently passed entrance exams to Sandhurst military academy - there have been more photographs of the younger prince's lifestyle.

"Every time he goes out there tends to be photographs of him coming out of a club or going in which gives the impression he's always out on the town," said Mr Harverson.

"He's a good young man trying to make his way in the world in a difficult situation."

He added: "What do you want him to do? Stay indoors all day? If he did that people would say he was something of a weirdo; 'Where is Harry and why isn't he out?'"

Prince Charles had been "supportive and sympathetic", Mr Harverson said.

"It's unfortunate, it's regretful, but let's move on," he added.

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