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Last Updated: Friday, 22 October, 2004, 06:21 GMT 07:21 UK
Papers look into royal scuffle

Prince Harry's scuffle with a paparazzi photographer is considered by a number of Friday's papers.

The Sun describes Harry as the "boozy Prince", before expressing sympathy for the pressures of life in the spotlight.

The incident has scuppered attempts to improve the prince's public image, according to the Daily Mail - a sentiment echoed by the Daily Star.

And the Daily Mirror admits that paparazzi photographers use an approach which borders on confrontation.

Cabinet criticism

Confirmation that British troops are to be redeployed nearer Baghdad prompts criticism from the Independent.

It says the decision to move the Black Watch was ill-prepared and should not have been made.

The front page of the Guardian reports that ministers at Thursday's Cabinet meeting were openly critical of the way the announcement had been handled.

Inside the paper, Robin Cook asks whether the decision will further shake the nation's faith in Tony Blair.

'Trough at the Top'

The publication of MP expense claims draws widespread criticism.

The Express calls the figures a scandal, while the Sun calls MPs greedy , saying it is "Trough at the Top".

The Times focuses on Cabinet members claming tens of thousands of pounds for second homes, despite their free use of official government residences.

And the Mail's damning assessment is that politicians seem interested in little more than living "in gold-plated affluence beyond most voters' reach."

Baseball curse

The Guardian turns its attention to baseball, reporting that the Boston Red Sox have beaten the New York Yankees.

It means they have reached the World Series and are close to breaking a curse supposedly put on them in 1920 when they sold star player Babe Ruth.

Boston have never won the World Series since and their latest breakthrough offers hope for John Kerry - a Red Sox fan - according to the Financial Times.

The FT's diarist says it may be an omen for the presidential candidate.

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