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Suffolk school issues skirt ban
school skirt
The Equal Opportunities Commission says students may have a case
A Suffolk secondary school has banned girls from wearing skirts because their hemlines were getting too short.

Governors at Kesgrave High School, near Ipswich, have ordered female students to wear trousers after girls turned up for lessons in mini-skirts.

The school's head said some of the skirts were so short they were impractical as well as immodest.

The Equal Opportunities Commission says students could have a case for unlawful sex discrimination.

The girls could claim they had been denied normal dress options, it was suggested.

Earlier this month, a male student at Ringmer Community College in Lewes, Sussex, wore a skirt to college in protest at "sexist" school uniform rules.

Schoolgirls fight to wear trousers
04 Jul 02  |  Education

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