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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 June, 2004, 11:57 GMT 12:57 UK
Bush's foreign policy: Your views
A group of retired US diplomats and generals has condemned the foreign policy of the Bush administration as ideological and callously indifferent.

Members of the 26-strong cross party group of Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change demanded a major rethink in an open letter published in Washington.

Meanwhile, President Bush has disputed the findings of a report for the 9/11 inquiry commission that there were no strong links between Iraq and Al Qaida.

He said the former Iraqi leader had numerous contacts with Al Qaida but he denied his administration had ever said that Saddam Hussein had a role in the 9/11 attacks.

Is Bush's policy hurting America's standing in the world? Will the statement affect the election campaign?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

Bush is a symptom of a larger problem
Hugh Jebson, Cincinnati, USA
While Bush's foreign policy is misdirected and unilateralist, let's not forget he is, for the most part, furthering longstanding American policy objectives (especially vis a vis Israel and the Middle East). Americans have been fighting, killing and been killed in this part of the world for at least the last twenty years. Bush is a symptom of a larger problem: a fundamentally flawed American policy towards Middle Eastern affairs.
Hugh Jebson, Cincinnati, USA

The main problem I have with Bush's foreign policy is that it has no counterweight. All world powers need a strong rival. The USA has no such rival, and will never have one untill either China or the EU develop strongly enough to challenge with direct military might of their own.
Richard Corless, Bridgend, S. Wales, UK

Envy of the United States has so completely blinded the rest of the world, that removing a brutal dictator is considered more outrageous than harbouring the hatred and conditions in which terrorism flourishes. It is very reassuring that we possess the magnitude of weapons we do! Comments on this page and other world publications lead me to believe that America had better watch its back - particularly from those we regard as "friends".
Matt, USA

Yes, 9/11 justifies some of our American anger. However, thanks to this administration we are now known as misguided torturers who hold political prisoners some of which are American citizens. As the richest, most powerful nation on the planet, shouldn't we be able to think and act our way through this difficult period without using the tactics of some bullying dictatorship. This could have been done correctly. Sadly, it wasn't.
Noel, California

Bush has shown great resolve in dealing with our enemies
Rowland, Virginia, USA
Bush has a principled foreign policy. Bush has shown great resolve in dealing with our enemies. And he, as well as the US, has done so openly and honestly. Non-Americans would do well to remember that it was the French and Russians that defied UN sanctions and sold arms to Iraq up to the beginning of the war. And it was these countries, as well as Canada, that are caught up in the oil-for-food scandal. No wonder these countries opposed the war. A much greater degree of embarrassment is around the corner for these countries. My vote goes to Bush in November.
Rowland, Virginia, USA

Of course Bush's foreign policy is a failure. While Bush & Co were busy chasing the illusion of WMD in Iraq, they allowed North Korea to start stockpiling their nuclear weapons. And with respect to the Palestine/Israel situation, he has done nothing but roll back all the progress that was achieved by the Clinton administration. The list goes on and on... The main problem is not that we have an ignorant and incompetent administration in the White House, but that too many of my compatriots can't be bothered to think about where this is going.
John, California, USA

Whatever your opinion of America, be mindful of that the media is playing into the terrorists hands if you are swayed by all the headlines. Terrorists know that "if it bleeds it leads" in the free press. Terrorists kill and bomb just enough to make you sick of the news. The facts are that America's message has been for 3 years that if your government supports terrorism against the west we are going to do something about it. Gaddafi saw the writing on the wall and became pro west. Iraq's outcome is not yet known but a free Islamic democracy is the plan. I support the eradication of terrorism, toppling of tyrannical regimes, and I support any president with that as his foreign policy.
L, Dallas,US

Bush's foreign policy has already damaged America in the eyes of the world, and I dearly hope that when a new President is elected in November, he will start to work on repairing relations with friendly and unfriendly governments and most particularly the peoples of the world. I am saddened to think that we have lost our position of hope and morality that was a hallmark of this great (formerly) country forever. It comes down to the present administration that must bear the blame for this and to us who elected him.
Donald Acorn, Westminster Maryland USA

Bush's foreign policy, like his domestic policy, is misguided and destructive
George Czuczka, USA
I fully agree with the former senior US diplomats and military men. President Bush's foreign policy, like his domestic policy, is misguided and destructive. It has broken up long-time alliances and strengthened our actual and potential adversaries.
George Czuczka, USA

I don't like everything Bush does especially with regards to the environment, but this is a strong willed man that does what he says and says what he does, for that he has my support. An American and a registered democrat that's not so Fonda Kerry.
Jon Frost, Los Angeles CA

Dear Friends around the world, Apologies for the behaviour of the Bush administration. As you know, he was not elected by the majority of Americans. We are trapped in a good country that has been undergoing severe "corporatization," shrinking education and social service budgets, and a well-censored news system. Many Americans are locked in a rat race and still trying to keep up with the Joneses. Only the wealthy and the brainwashed are happy now. But the American who has never left this country is ignorant and vulnerable. Pray for us all.
Sherry R, Seattle, USA

For all of those who profess (like Bush) that the US doesn't need the rest of the world, you might want to check your closets, your driveways, and your entertainment centres. Oh, and your neighbours as well. There is no such thing as 100% Made in America, so why not give up trying to defend such a bigoted fantasy?
Howard, Sacramento, California USA

I, too, am tired of apologizing for being an American. This is why I'm voting for John Kerry in November. I think I'll stuff a few envelopes for him, too.
John, Wakefield, Massachusetts

You that say you fear the US are either ignorant or just uninformed. The US is only out to battle terrorism. We in the US did not start this War! We were attacked on 9/11 and lost over 3,000 people. We had been attacked many times before the War with Iraq, so trying to tie the War in Iraq with terrorism now does not make sense. What do you expect the US to do? Countries like Canada, France, Germany, and Spain have done nothing! We have tried to get the countries above and others to help but they turned a blind eye. If you think the terrorist will leave you alone if you appease them you are wrong. Maybe one day you detractors will understand why George Bush and the US doing, and history will show that this is a just cause.
N Mead, USA

Let's all relax and let history be the judge of how it will affect America's standing in the world and the effect on the election
Mark, Canada
In our current 'blame-the-other-guy' scapegoat-type culture of 'damned if you do, and damned if you don't', one thing can be said of this President: he made a choice. We know where he stands. Let's all relax and let history be the judge of how it will affect America's standing in the world and the effect on the election.
Mark, Canada

An aggressive, belligerent, "I can do it all," policy is not one that is likely to make the world a safer place, and it seems naive to think that a display of unilateral strength makes the US safer. Clearly foreign policy under Bush has become focussed on a single issue, and when that happens, the rest of the world suffers. If anyone can claim that the world is safer from terrorism today than it was in 1998, then this single minded approach might be the answer. However the continued risk that Americans face abroad doesn't seem to justify a positive response to Bush's foreign policy.
Rev. David Kashangaki, South Bend, Indiana, USA

The only 'rogue state' today is the US itself. It has never been hated more in the world. Just look at the US-Europe relations; they are damaged beyond repair. And those are only the relationships with the traditional allies....
Maarten, Leiden, Netherlands

Bush and his cronies have turned the US into a police state, not unlike the former Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact nations. The US government wars against its own people by making every simple action a criminal offence, whether it actually is or not. This is nothing but a dictatorship in which the freedoms of the people have been subjugated and replaced by the will of those in power. I hope that other countries do not see all Americans as ambassadors of this current regime. Not all of us agree with the current administration or its policies. Has Bush hurt America's standing in the world? You're damn right!!!
James, San Antonio, US

I wonder how much longer will a dissenter like myself have to wait before I can get political asylum in Europe or Canada for thinking that our President is an utter fool, and the people around him disgust me. These policies must stop, Bush must be thrown out of office.
David, Chicago, IL, USA

I think Mr Bush has to be applauded for the fact that he has made open what was done covertly before
Kpdodo, Mauritius
I think Mr Bush has to be applauded for the fact that he has made open what was done covertly before; by engaging his troops rather than move other countries' troops/armed fighters on the chess board; by having US soldiers killed rather than foreign soldiers. Mr Bush has a foreign policy that is not much different from many presidents before him. The statement by the group will not affect the elections since they will sway no one; just serve to entrench existing opinion. While the rest of the world is not totally fearful of the US, the standing of the US has been damaged. But if the policies continue, sooner or later everyone will fear the US so much that the US standing would be as high as, may be that of Mr Hussein in pre-invasion Iraq.
Kpdodo, Mauritius

I have lived in the USA for more than half a century. This is definitely the worst of times and the worst president.
John D. Alexander, Randolph, New Jersey

What most people are forgetting we didn't start this, but we going to finish it. Like it are not! President Bush is the USA president and it is up to us if he is re-elected. Your opinion doesn't matter. You need to worry about your own country and keep you nose out of our business. For you USA citizen you should be ashamed for talking so disgustedly about your country. You are falling right into the BBC constant criticism of the USA. We are at the point where we don't give a damn if you like us are not!!!
Janet, Iowa, USA

I defy all those "we don't give a damn about what the rest of the world thinks" to actually travel OUTSIDE the USA. Perhaps by travelling the "ugly Americans" will realizing that this is not the centre of the earth. All of our actions ripple to the rest of the world; everyone is affected, not just US citizens. Open your eyes Bush lovers, we were tricked and lied to.
Andrew, Piscataway NJ, USA, originally from Poland

These people make Nixon look like a saint and Watergate a third-rate burglary
Mariah, Washington, DC, USA
A man who has never been accountable to anyone for anything, a warmonger who has never been to war--didn't have to, didn't want to and just didn't. But he's happy to send your kids and my kids into war--blood for oil. Bush and his Republican minions have been doing to America and the world for years what they tried to impeach Clinton for doing with one salacious intern. You think that was obscene? How about the Congo, Somalia, the Sudan, lies about WMD, a president who refuses to testify under oath, the specious claims of links between Iraq and Al Qaeda, our "relationship" with Chalabi, never mind Abu Graib, Enron's manipulation of California's energy supply! These people make Nixon look like a saint and Watergate a third-rate burglary. Something if very and fundamentally amiss here, people. These are bad, bad guys and you should be very, very afraid.
Mariah, Washington, DC, USA

Yes he has damaged America's standing in the World. There was a time when America was a big brother to the rest of the World, now it is the school bully, no more exemplified than with its latest interference in Australian politics with their attacks on Mr Latham, Leader of the opposition.
Robert H Biddle, Rotorua, New Zealand

Of course it is hurting the USA's standing. Anytime you stand up to terrorists, dictators and bullies, the chicken hearted left go berserk. The anti-Americanism that is prevalent suggests one thing to me - Bush is on the right track.
Nathan, Australia

That something like 80% of the world's population disagree with the policies of the U.S. under the Bush administration seems a very straightforward and simple affirmation of the validity of the former US government officials' position statement. How obvious must we be? Regarding the upcoming Presidential election, one can only hope that this revelation (among the many) of the failures of Bush's policies will continue to erode his support.
Tom Tolman, Eugene, Oregon, USA

The Bush Administration not only is hurting America's standing in the world, but they are endangering the life of every American. They have abandoned due process of law, broken international law, and condoned torture of US-held prisoners. Their arrogance and the results of their ill-planned occupations are an embarrassment.
Bruce W. Johnson, Buena Park, CA, USA

This is an issue where, if it presents a balance of opinions, it is not fair. A policy that approves and encourages the torturing of innocent civilians is unfair, unjust, and un-American. Never have I been this disgusted with the actions of a US President.
Melody Dworak, Iowa City, Iowa, USA

No one is paying attention to what is happening anywhere else in the world regarding human rights
Anette Le Roux, South Africa
While I do not agree with President Bush's foreign policy, it seems like no one is paying attention to what is happening anywhere else in the world regarding human rights, like Zimbabwe where their corrupt president and government has ruined the country. I you cry about one, you must cry about all.
Anette Le Roux, South Africa

Bush's foreign policy is both good and bad. I think Iraq started as a bad thing but is flourishing to a good thing that may win him the election. Bush is a no nonsense type of leader. People see this a arrogance, but he's just telling it the way it is. I truly believe he thought there were WMD's in Iraq as did everyone else. Now he's trying to turn a bad thing into the next best thing, democracy in the middle east.
Steve, Hamilton Ontario Canada

Bush's policies have defiantly damaged our standing in the world. But do the majority of American's care? Or are they too busy going to Walmart to buy their next piece of red, white, and blue junk made in China to prove their patriotism?
Franzine, Appleton, USA

A right-wing group has forced itself on a president with devastating results
Karl Mierzejewski, State College, United States
At last a powerful group is voicing what many of us Americans feel. A right-wing group has forced itself on a president with devastating results to both America and the world.
Karl Mierzejewski, State College, United States

The duty of the President of the United States is not to be internationally popular but rather it is to defend the United States. The reason that we reluctantly got involved in the Old World in the first place is that during the entire 20th century most Europeans were wrong most of the time, made a total mess of things, and then begged our help. We don't want to run off of the cliff with the rest of the lemmings.
Kurt, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

I am not an American but I always feel safe and confident in this world of terrorism when I know that George Bush is still President of a powerful state that is expending more than it has to fight this modern plague - terrorism. Without Bush's resolve, bravery and undiluted love for his country America and for peace in the whole world, every corner of the globe would have today become a headquarters of terrorism.
Sideon Nagoyi, Sydney, Australia

Your country is becoming isolated in hatred by the rest of the world
Steven Taylor, Sheffield, UK
Firstly, apologies to the many Americans who have aired some genuinely intelligent views and showed caring for the rest of the world. To the others who claim that "Americans don't care about world opinion" and that countries should "stop asking for stuff", you are missing the point. Your country is becoming isolated in hatred by the rest of the world! Does that bother you? I, as a British citizen, will judge my government when I vote at the next election. No one in any power wishes for the destruction of America and the use of the word traitor is disgusting. By exercising their rights in accordance with the 1st amendment they are acting more American than you!
Steven Taylor, Sheffield, UK

This 'have your say' is one of the most frightening things I've read for a while. Bush and Blair have made a joint decision that perhaps only time will tell if it was right or wrong. What is scary is some of the USA postings "we don't care about world opinion", "carry on without us", "the rest of the world should fear us". This is verging on extremism itself, and put this against a perceived extremist enemy then we now have a very unsafe world to live in.
Phil (UK ex-pat), Nimes, France

"You are either with us or you are against us." That means that there is no room for international diplomacy. A person or country that does not listen to arguments and does not follow international law is an enemy.
Harald Bengtsson, Malm÷, Sweden

This is a disaster, for the USA, for American interests all around the World, for the advancement of western style democracy around the World, for the War on Terror, for the UN, for NATO & the EU, and for the American taxpayer.
Bob A, Copenhagen, Denmark

Bush is just the public face for all the neo-cons
Imran Khan, London
I don't think Bush junior is to blame at all - Bush is just the public face for all the neo-cons like Wolfowitz and Cheney that really pull the strings. And the fact is that the media in the US is way too state manipulated to let the majority of Americans view their country the way that most of the world does. It's a shame really, I don't see the current attitude in American politics being healthy for the world as a whole.
Imran Khan, London

Bush's foreign policy should only be open to discussion by American citizens. As well as citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq. Everyone else has absolutely no reason to be discussing this subject.
Justin Hughes, Tacoma, USA

I used to have a lot of respect for the way governments like the US and Australia aided the lesser nations, but after seeing the daily atrocities being done to the people of Iraq, I believe the superpowers and their allies are no better than those they condemn. The US is more hated today than it was prior 9/11 and all those in league with them only help to make the citizens very unsafe when travelling abroad. Its time we had a change of leaders at the top in order that these madness of killing will come to an end and some peace can prevail
Victor Nonis, Cooma, Australia

Bush's foreign policy is not the problem. The problem and the danger to the world is having a superpower like the US.
Ahmad Hmoud, Jordan, Amman

I am tired of apologizing for being American
Deborah Hogness, Indianola, WA, USA
As an American who lived in the Middle East, I think the Bush foreign policy damage is nearly irreparable. I began to tell people I was Swedish as I am tired of apologizing for being American.
Deborah Hogness, Indianola, WA, USA

Let all of these Americans who are ashamed and embarrassed pull their heads out of the sand. I am not ashamed to stand up and support our President in the real war on terrorism.
Robert, USA

I love the president every much. I will vote for him and all my friends. We do not care about the world opinion. God bless President Bush and bless America.
Jean Paul, Fort Worth, USA

Americans and Europeans arguing about the moral supremacy of their respective foreign policies is a joke to me. We all looked the other way when genocide was taking place in the Balkans. We all looked the other way when genocide was taking place in Rwanda. And we are still looking the other way while genocide is taking place in Sudan.
Ray, Portland, USA

It's time for a change of the guard
Johnny Franco Arboine, Dhahran

Yes, his foreign policies have degraded the United States' standing across the world. And badly so. Mr. Bush's foreign policies are concocted by short-sighted 'neocons' and glibly government heads and farther shaded by Mr Bush's own ignorant, neophyte knowledge of the world. It's time for a change of the guard.
Johnny Franco Arboine, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

American foreign policy puts profits before people. Eventually enough Americans will see the truth and free themselves from their demagogue of a president, then the world will have a chance at peace.
J Toth, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

I can assure you people outside of the US that many of you believe us Americans don't care about world opinion, and you are right. Honestly we don't. That's just the way it is. Carry on without us and stop asking us for stuff. We just want to be left alone.
Joe Pepe, New York, USA

What should the consequence be for lying about WMD and starting a war with the incorrect target
Chris, Lynn, Massachusetts US
Bush has called several world leaders on the carpet for being an "Axis of Evil". It has become abundantly clear that the real Axis of Evil is Bush himself. He is arrogant and presents himself as above domestic and international law. If Clinton could be impeached for lying about an indiscretion with an intern, then what should the consequence be for lying about WMD and starting a war with the incorrect target in mind?
Chris, Lynn, Massachusetts US

Maybe we should be asking if Osama Bin Ladin's actions are hurting the Arab world's standing? Oops...I forgot, we have a different standard for judging the US than everyone else!
Gavin, Victoria, Australia

The views here represent the bottom dwellers of American society. Only pure traitors in this country could truly wish for its destruction. As for the rest of the world, you should fear; Americans now realize that you are not our friends.
Matt, USA

To Matt, USA: Do not claim to represent all of America with your words: ..." As for the rest of the world, you should fear." The only person such shameful views represent is yourself.
Hamdee, USA

All he cares about is satisfying the desires of special interests
Adnan, Montreal, Canada
Bush is a corrupt president that cares nothing of the human cost of his policies, whether it be foreign policy, environmental policy or other. All he cares about is satisfying the desires of special interests at the expense of people's lives and health around the world (including Americans themselves).
Adnan, Montreal, Canada

Is there anybody "out there" who thinks a President Gore would have invaded Iraq? I don't think so! Bush's foreign policy is like a dog barking at everything that moves - even at the wind in the leaves.
Robert, El Prado, USA

The USA has plenty of international credibility and standing in the World
Andy, Gloucester, UK
Does anyone truly believe that US policy post 9/11 was going to be anything less than abrasive - whoever held the Presidency? The USA has plenty of international credibility and standing in the World - particularly in the minds of would-be enemies. The fact that yesterday's men seem to be stuck in 1989 is of little relevance.
Andy, Gloucester, UK

I think president Bush's foreign policy has not caused a decrease in terrorism, but on the contrary it has resulted a significant increase in terrorist activities, especially in the Middle East. I think his policies made it easier for the terrorist groups to recruit new members. We can see already what is happening in Iraq and in Saudi. The damage to the US prestige and standing in world has been damaged beyond repair.
Amir, London (UK)

Bush foreign policy is a miserable failure. As the group of diplomats and generals have said, the policy has brought about considerable loss of respect for USA as an international power. Bush must be defeated in the November elections to restore sanity to the present one-sided arrogant US foreign policy.
Shashi Rao, Princeton, NJ, USA

President Bush is doing an outstanding job with respect to his foreign policy
Dan, Summit, NJ, USA
President Bush is doing an outstanding job with respect to his foreign policy. He will receive my vote this November, and the vote of the majority of my family and friends. He does not have the luxury of hindsight, for his sole purpose for existence (as President) is to protect the American people from harm. Please proceed, Mr. President.
Dan, Summit, NJ, USA

I think there are countries in the world that indulge in even more moronic foreign policy. For instance, South Korea is planning to pay its northern neighbour to dismantle its nuclear programme. The result of that will be that rogue nations will expect to be paid to dismantle banned weapons programmes. At least George W. Bush has not sunk to such stupidity.
Graeme Phillips, Berlin, Germany (normally UK)

For every one disgruntled "government official" ... there are 10,000 that support and agree with President. They just don't make the news!! The strength to do the right thing, however unpopular at the time, will be recorded favourably in the history books.
TM, Virginia, USA

While President Bush is the face of foreign policy, much if not most of the substance of it is made through a consensus of career professionals in the State Department, the intelligence community, and the military. If you listen to Kerry carefully, you will see that his experience and knowledge in government has led him to much the same conclusions as President Bush and only the nuances and public face of it would change were he elected president.
Mark, USA

Bush is behaving like a dictator
Mike Smith, Leeds, UK
I grew up during the height of the Cold War, and I never feared the Soviet Union as much as I do the United States today. Bush is behaving like a dictator, and has destroyed America's good reputation throughout the world. I pray for the sake of peace that he is ousted in November.
Mike Smith, Leeds, UK.

You cannot really blame George Bush and his foreign policy. This is a part of the new American Imperialist policy, where George Bush is only a pawn on the chess board of the new American Empire.
Mike Larian, Irvine, USA

Bush's Foreign Policy and its arrogant assumption that the rest of the world should adopt American so-called "values" has not only made the world a much more dangerous place but has created anti-western feelings that will take many years to overcome.
John Middleton, Washington, DC

Had the Clinton Administration had a backbone, Bush wouldn't have to had such a hardline approach to foreign policy. Clinton's refusal to take Bin Laden from Sudan, and his weak response to the USS Cole, allowed terrorists to think the US was weak. Bush's approach to foreign policy is simply common sense. The US is in a war and the fact that the rest of the world enjoys watching the US squirm is not the fault of George Bush.
Mike Daly, Miami, FL - USA

As controversial as it may sound, old "Dubya" was the right man for the time we are in
John, St. Paul, MN. US
As controversial as it may sound, old "Dubya" was the right man for the time we are in. I would contest that if we hadn't gone into Afghanistan or Iraq there would still be terrorist actions against the west, and there would still be wide spread anti-Americanism. We Americans are criticized on one hand for doing too much and on the other for doing too little... you can't have it both ways. The time for talking is over, it is time for action against those that would do us harm. Although Iraq has not been what was envisioned, it has started a conversation in the middle east about political reform that otherwise would never have been initiated. I for one am not afraid of the future fighting terrorism. On the contrary, I believe that if nothing is done and the status quo is the order of the day we will be in the same mess as before September 11.
John, St. Paul, MN. US

This is such a typically BBC forum, an excuse to give voice to America-haters; to promote Michael Moore's movie (despite indifference in the U.S.); to advance the Kerry campaign; and simply to further the BBC's leftist world view. Sirs, please ask yourself what real relevance this letter has and look a bit closer at who wrote it (partisan democrats and nominal "Republicans" who have generally served Democrat presidents).
Angelo Morata, Chicago, IL, USA

The current US foreign policy is definitely flawed. It relies too heavily on military might. It neglects the use of the State Department and diplomacy. Even worse, it damaged alliances built over the last century. It is clearly evident that the leverage that the US exerted has been weakened as shown by other members of the G-7, plus Russia, being unwilling to forgive Iraqi debts. Worst, the US is now so reviled in some parts of the world that attacks against its interests and citizens are openly carried out with impunity.
Paul, Mt Holly, New Jersey, USA

The Anti-American mood in the west is giving terrorists the impression that we are actually on their side
Anon, Swindon, UK
It's so easy for people to sit back and criticize Bush for Iraq, etc. But nobody can say what would have happened had Bush not taken such an aggressive stance. Should he perhaps have waited for another 9/11 to have taken place first? If it wasn't for Bush's stance, Saddam Hussein would still be attempting to gather nuclear weapons and murdering innocent civilians. If the west united against terrorism, the culprits would know that their cause has no hope. At the moment, the Anti-American mood in the west is giving terrorists the impression that we are actually on their side and that we share their hatred of America.
Anon, Swindon, UK

A better question would be to ask if the majority of Americans care that world opinion is against us. The answer would be no. Europeans, especially, have ever hated it when Americans elect and lead with a strong willed government. Perhaps someday people will realize that the US is no longer a quaint little collection of colonies. Until then, we go our own way and protect our own interests. To that degree, Bush is doing the job he was elected to do.
Lisas, Wisconsin, USA

I went to an American school for 5 years and have family and friends who are American. But it is the first time I hate what America stands for in the International eye (fear, hate, only cares for itself, unable to fit into other cultures.) Bush well done you have oil selling at it highest prices for a long time.
Dom, Murcia Spain (Irish)

For ONCE, an American President means precisely what he says, and does what he thinks is right, polls & world press be damned. I don't understand the attitude I see lately of appeasing everyone so they'll like us again. History will judge his foreign policies as a HUGE success.
Scott W, USA

He has alienated long standing democratic allies in Europe whilst finding new allies in military dictatorships elsewhere
Brian Bailey, Winterthur, Switzerland
Mr Bush has led the world to disaster. He thinks that his war on terrorism entitles him to ignore international treaties and laws. Under him the USA has invaded countries with justifications based on lies, killed more innocent civilians than terrorists ever have, imprisoned people without trial, tortured and abused civilians. Preaching democracy, he has alienated long standing democratic allies in Europe whilst finding new allies in military dictatorships elsewhere.
Brian Bailey, Winterthur, Switzerland

Bush has changed the old American foreign policy of mistaking dictatorship with stability in the Middle East. He has understood that real stability and prosperity comes only through democracy. Go on Bush, your policy has cast a new hope on the Middle East!
Andrea Baucero, Milano, Italy

Bush's foreign policy is damaging for US. It's not helping the world as a whole either. It is rather ironic that, US as a nation that has done so much for the rest of the world were so unlucky to vote such leader into power.
Allen Aramide, Warsaw, Poland

I am totally for President Bush's foreign policy stance. These are tough times in the world, and America needs a tough, no nonsense foreign policy. President Bush definitely has my vote in November!
Adam, Virginia, USA

This is much worse than the Lewinsky affair and on a par with Iran-Contra. Can you imagine the outraged Republicans had a Democrat president done this?
Mark Webb, Dublin, Ireland

There's really nothing new about Bush's foreign policy - he's just repeating mistakes that date back to the Reagan era. Remember, it was the US who armed, trained and supported both the Taliban and Saddam Hussein's forces, just because at the time they were fighting America's proxy wars against Russia and Iran respectively. Now Bush is showing the same short-sightedness in supporting the despotic regime in Uzbekistan just for the sake of an airbase. If only American voters knew a bit more about modern history!
Stuart W, London, UK

Many in Australia have similar concerns about Prime Minister John Howard and the abuse of human rights by the Australian government. In July 2001 I travelled around southern Europe with a small Australian flag on my backpack. I felt welcomed and proud as an Australian. After Australia joined the "Coalition of the Willing" I prudently removed that flag. It is no longer an advantage making sure I am not mistaken for an American.
Michael Paine, Sydney, Australia

Disgruntlement with the US is nothing new and has been discussed long before George Bush came on the scene
Cindy Hoffman, Sherman, Texas, USA
Disgruntlement with the US is nothing new and has been discussed long before George Bush came on the scene. If we act in international affairs, we are told to mind our own business. If we don't act, we are told it is our responsibility to act as the world's only super power. I would say most American's have become desensitized over the years, but then we are accused of being arrogant and na´ve for not caring.
Cindy Hoffman, Sherman, Texas, U.S.A.

Hurting!? He has completely trashed it!
Brian Coughlan, Alinsňs Sweden

The damage done by the Bush family can never be undone. We can only hope for a kinder, gentler future, where the dignity of all humans can be appreciated, again. We need a much better role model as a representative/ambassador to the world. It is better to talk for as long as necessary than to bomb.
Michael Joniec, Woodlyn, Pa, USA

The small PNAC-group of neocons high jacked USA. There is a dichotomy between their verbal, prime-time TV goals and the real hidden agenda. Bush policy - with his master piece The War on Terror - includes also a War against Civil Liberties in USA. Many people can't accept it anymore. Indeed Bush destroyed USA's international credibility. Just think about WMD's and recently the report on terrorism. Amateurism.

Next to that you have the arrogance in promoting US values. But what are these days those US values? The new statement is positive, after the statement of the 53 former diplomats, General Zinni's sharp analysis, Moore's movie; it's a new proof that common sense is still present. Lucky for USA. Lucky for us.
Dirk Laureyssens, Antwerp, Belgium

As a result of the fall of Soviet Union as a superpower, the United States is left as sole global leader. Any action taken by the superpower to restore world order, though with the right intentions, is bound to have a negative impact if a broad consensus is not arrived among world nations, with regards to its policies.
Murali Swaminathan, Chennai, India

George Bush is not a contestant in some worldwide popularity contest-he is the president of the US and his job is to ensure our security
John C, New York, USA
George Bush is not a contestant in some worldwide popularity contest--he is the president of the United States and his paramount job is to ensure our security. Yes he has made mistakes, and many of his policies are unpopular, but his uncompromising stance towards rogue states and terrorists is what our country needs.
John C, New York, USA

Just try living as an American expatriate abroad. What an eye-opener. The fear and instability caused by the American government I know does NOT reflect the will of the American people--friendly, generous and naive people--who have earnestly believed that they have been represented as helpful and protective, and who trust that their hard-earned tax monies are being expended for the good of others and in ways which would make them proud. I wish more Americans could get out here into the world and understand what is being done, and has been done, in their names.
Nancy, Spain

Pals, Bush's policies (Endless wars, taxation via inflation, and flaunting with a finger in the air the values instilled in me) have hurt his standing in my world. My world is all that I have to offer or withdraw.
Eugen Flook, Hgt'n., USA

You mean he has one?
Bob, UK

I believe Bush's foreign policy HAS hurt US standing in the world. The manner in which he pursues those policies is the real irritant. That said, it's naive to believe that these issues didn't fester long before Bush came into office. Not everything is his fault. Yes, his administration may be arrogant and reckless, but our international community has also been utterly negligent of its own responsibilities (e.g., North Korea, Sudan, etc).
Guy, USA

The comments made by these officials are just a ploy to help John Kerry get elected. These guys should understand that the world has changed since Sept. 11 and they cannot think that electing Kerry will make us any safer from those that want to destroy the US
K K Vann, Brooklyn, USA

For the past 2 years, I am quite ashamed to admit that I am an American
Ayesha Minhas, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
I'm an American citizen, living in Riyadh. And for the past 2 years, I am quite ashamed to admit that I am an American. President Bush's policy has just degraded America in the world's eyes. No American (not living in America) is proud to declare that they are American. The scandal of the Iraqi prisoner abuse has the world eyeing America as a country trying to bring down others. It's truly tragic to hear how many lives president Bush's policy has cost the world, Americans and Non-Americans. I deplore President George W Bush strongly, and desperately hope, that the coming year, will rectify all his misdeeds, under a stronger hand.
Ayesha Minhas, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I hope it affects the election results. The Bush Administration is hurting the World never mind America's standing in it.
Vanessa, New York, USA

President Bush damaged relations with the world when he ignored the decision of the UN regarding Iraq and decided to take what amounted to unilateral action (with a few staunch and loyal allies). As mush as I support what we are doing in the Middle East in general, this decision had a major impact on how we are viewed in the world and has done much damage to our standing.

On balance, the war in Iraq wasn't worth the consequences we have suffered politically or militarily. President Bush's current moves to repair this damage are a hopeful sign. Working toward global solutions to solve the world's problems is our only hope for a stable and peaceful future.
John, New Jersey, USA

Bush's foreign policies have not only damaged the image of his country, but also the life of many innocent people in Iraq. His blind support for the Israeli government has created a complete negative attitude towards the US, even in countries where there was a minimum support. Even countries like Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait are annoyed at the way his government is handling the Iraqi captives. Only a miracle can reverse the negative impact created by Bush and his team.
Srinivasan Toft, HumlebŠk, Denmark

Bush's policy has ALREADY hurt America's standing in the world tremendously. A country formerly seen as just and moral has been exposed in Bush's term as defying Geneva Conventions, abusing human rights and as a malicious force of occupation. Will the statement affect the election campaign? I hope so. It takes decades to build respect and moral standing; then just a couple years for one man to destroy it all.
Michael, London, UK

Bush is the only President that has drawn a line in the sand and said no
Alex, London
This group call themselves "Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change" It seems to me they don't want change, they want to keep the status quo. These people are responsible for appeasing and sometimes supporting ruthless dictators in the past. Bush is the only President that has drawn a line in the sand and said no. I hope he uses the awesome military power of the US to bring change, democracy and freedom into this world.
Alex, London

Bush's foreign policy has made us the object of hate world wide. The prison scandal is beyond comprehension. Is this what we have become as a people? I hope the statement has some effect on the election, but I fear it will not.
Susan Taylor, Bronxville, NY

Bush should go on. Talk tough or appease terrorists.
Kajobinyi, Egypt/Sudan

It's not so remarkable with the foreign policy. I think instead G.W. Bush's administration should have a tougher stance towards the communist regimes, which still lurk in some countries as China, Cuba, Vietnam and Laos for example and also talk straight forward on other criminal regimes as the Sudanese for example. Keep up the good work Mr. President!
Jan Andersson, Stockholm, Sweden

George W. Bush should be impeached. He is responsible for the deaths of at least 800 American soldiers and the wounding of thousands of others. He should never have become president in the first place.
John Ross, Morrisville, PA, USA

When I was younger I can remember I thought the America was great and all things American the best in the world. Now my perception is totally different, the war in Iraq and the seemingly one side hand of government with corporate business. America is criticised through out the world, I have friend here who are embarrassed to say they are American.
Daniel Mcnally, Welsh in South Korea

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