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D-Day 60th anniversary quiz
This is your chance to test your knowledge of D-Day and find out more about one of the most significant military actions in history.

In each of the 10 questions, click on the circle next to your answer and at the end click the results button.

Question 1
Before D-Day why did the Allies fear their plans had been leaked?
A: A pigeon carrying top secret documents flew to France by mistake
B: Top secret invasion maps were found dumped in a Birmingham canal
C: One of the Allies' most senior agents in occupied France was arrested
D: Crossword clue answers in the Telegraph featured top secret code words
Question 2
During the build-up British Prime Minister Winston Churchill spent much time in his secret bunker in central London where he banned:
A: Excessive quiet
B: Excessive noise
C: Excessive talk of defeat
D: Excessive talk of victory
Question 3
The invasion was postponed for:
A: Six months, because Allied intelligence found out Hitler was considering surrender
B: One month, because the moon was not bright enough
C: One week, because Allied intelligence found out a senior German commander was due to leave his post
D: One day, because of the weather
Question 4
What radio code did the Allies use to alert agents in France the invasion was imminent?
A: A line of poetry
B: A burst of the French national anthem
C: A false news report that Hitler had been killed
D: A faked breakdown in transmission
Question 5
German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was in charge of French coastal defences but was not at his post when the invasion began. Where was he?
A: On his way back from celebrating his mistress' birthday in Italy
B: Celebrating his wife's birthday at home in Germany
C: On his way to stand trial for treason in France
D: On manoeuvres with a new Panzer tank division in Russia
Question 6
What percentage of American troops were killed or injured during the ill-fated assault on Omaha?
A: 10.5%
B: 5.5%
C: 25.5%
D: 17.5%
Question 7
Acclaimed photographer Robert Capa shot more than 100 pictures on D-Day. Why did only a handful survive?
A: The Royal Navy officer taking them back to England dropped all but one film canister in the sea
B: Capa left his thumb over the lens in almost every one
C: An over-eager dark room assistant dried them out too quickly
D: Capa opened the back of his camera too quickly, exposing them to light
Question 8
What did Rommel tell Hitler 11 days after D-Day?
A: That the success of the invasion was his fault and he would accept any punishment
B: That the success of the invasion was Hitler's fault and he should stand down immediately
C: That the Western front would be lost, but the Eastern and Italian fronts could be saved with an immediate tactical retreat
D: That the Western, Italian and eastern fronts were all lost and Hitler should realise the war was over
Question 9
The 35-tonne, top secret "DD" Sherman tank, produced especially for D-Day, could:
A: Swim
B: Burrow underground
C: Survive a direct hit
D: Shoot round corners
Question 10
What does the D in D-Day stand for?
A: Decision
B: Day
C: Deliverance
D: Nothing

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