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Last Updated: Friday, 8 October, 2004, 17:26 GMT 18:26 UK
Bigley family statements in full
The family of British hostage Kenneth Bigley gave the following statements after receiving confirmation of his death.


It's been three long weeks of waiting and three long weeks of agony and we can confirm that the family has now received absolute proof that Ken Bigley was executed by his captors.

How we all as individuals handle crisis situations differ from person to person, family member to family member. It is important to be considerate of one another's view and actions.

In that respect, the family here in Liverpool believe our government did everything it possibly could to secure the release of Ken in this impossible situation.

Philip and Stan Bigley
It could be that the fate of Ken, Eugene and Jack (the two Americans captured along with Ken Bigley) was sealed from day one. We will never know.

Over the last few weeks we have successfully shielded our mother from the painful and graphic details shown on television and in the press.

The bereavement of a child, no matter how old, is hard enough without this anguish.

The family would like to ask the media to help by leaving us to grieve in the privacy of our own homes and respecting that privacy thereafter.

Our mother is home from hospital and wants me to thank everyone for all of the kind thoughts and wishes and to tell you that she will remain strong for the family.

To those who have prayed for Ken and our family, from all religious backgrounds, we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

The Merseyside Police has worked very closely with us and we would like to thank in particular the family liaison officers for their help, support and kindness.


Our only consolation is that Ken is now at peace, away from those that are capable of such atrocities.

At least now he will be in the caring hands of his son Paul whom he loved dearly (Paul died aged 16). We will pray for Ken and for the families of Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley.

We truly hope solutions can be found to stop future bloodshed and the loss of innocent lives.

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