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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 October, 2004, 18:04 GMT 19:04 UK
Geldof positive on Africa talks
Bob Geldof
Geldof was upbeat after the talks
Bob Geldof has praised talks at Tony Blair's Commission for Africa as radical and progressive.

Speaking after meetings in the Ethiopian capital he said discussions had rightly been "damn dirty" but could result in "something profound".

The Commission was set up by Tony Blair earlier this year to look at ways to help African countries fight poverty.

The prime minister said the body should now come up with firm proposals ahead of Britain's G8 presidency in 2005.

In Addis Ababa for the talks, Mr Blair said he hoped any report produced by the commission would "set out a clear set of prescriptions and points for action".

It was damn dirty and perfectly correctly so
Bob Geldof
Commission member

Discussions had been "good and sometimes tough" he added.

But outspoken Band Aid founder Mr Geldof added: "I'm not joining in the diplomatic language - it was damn dirty and perfectly correctly so.

"It was a genuine sense of going forward massively. The discussions were by any measure radical."

He said "something profound" would be achieved if that spirit was carried through to any report on the continent.

But he also criticised European Union aid commissioner Poul Nielson, who has been quoted as saying rescheduling developing world debt would store up problems for future generations.

"He's talking through his arse, to be quite frank, and he shouldn't have his job if he doesn't want to help," said Mr Geldof.

Tony Blair is having a working dinner in the Ethiopian capital with fellow commissioners on Thursday night.

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